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My name is Andrew Mcdougal, I am writing to you regarding My experience at a transitional home called Federal City Recovery located in SE Washington D.C, under the support of Ms. Ingrid Mahogany The purpose of the housing program is to provide temporary (6 months) housing to displaced and homeless persons that are working and ca

  • 10th Jun, 2018
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FOXRENTACAR.COM I rented a vehicle from this establishment during the first week of February in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I paid upfront for an 8-day rental period with the understanding that I would receive my $150 deposit upon return of the rental. I returned the rental 6 and 1/2 hours early and was charged for an extra day’s rent

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  • $85
  • Reported Loss

I got cheated on a bait and switch promotion on Priceline.com.  Customers beware of this company.  They will not listen to a cooperative and loyal customer trying to tell them that Priceline.com has an error in their offering.  After hours (seriously - 3.5 hours on two seperate calls) of phone time, I was promised two time that

  • 30th Jun, 2017
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I am Eric, head of the extracurricular committee of Chadwick School, Calif. Roger Bramble (if that is his real name) came to our school pretending as deputy Lord lieutenant sent by her majesty Queen Elizabeth II.   He and his con man friend Robert bone pulled the act of inviting the band of our school to perform in the New ye

  • 13th Jan, 2017
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Word of caution:This post is just a heads up / word of caution if dealing with Ensley Septic Tank Service (servicing the Pensacola, Florida area) | Business Manager: Ms. Nelson (owner is Mr. Nelson Sr.) Received a verbal estimate to repair / replace the septic tank drain field. Asked for a written estimated so would be aware of

  • 8th May, 2018
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  • $1,400
  • Reported Loss

I worked very hard for commission for myself, and NOW Destination Weddings. I have been looking for my commission check since Dec 15, 2016. They said it was sent twice, and returned to them because of a clerical error. However, I still do not have it, & have repeatedly called and asked that they FEDEX a new one. However,

  • 13th Mar, 2018
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  • $200,000,000
  • Reported Loss

Simon Thomas is a UK citizen who resides in Rome, Italy who says that he works in the banking industry that purchases and sells discounted instruments and has high profile investors for joint ventures and proof of funds for projects. We were introduced to Simon through a mutual colleague after we were required to source a joint

  • 16th Jan, 2017
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Hi guys! I am Eric Nolton, an agent with Grass Roots financial operating out of Manchester. I got sucked into this whirlwind on a recommendation from one of my close buddies who claimed to have made millions by becoming Grass Roots’ agent and having grown manifold in last so many years. Recently lot of bad stuff has come out of

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