Hi, my name is Neraj and I have been ripped off by this real estate firm called HURGHADA PROPERTIES. I was interested in buying properties so I came across this firm. I was aware of the fact that the property they were selling was not fully constructed as of now but would be soon. My 3 apartments were on the name of my wife, pa

  • 28th Nov, 2016
  • 0

I learned about the WinOptions brokerage firm via an ad online. I found many interesting reviews about their trades and since I was a new trader, I was looking for the simplest brokage firm that was available. Simple in the sense that I needed everything just visible and available with little efforts, searching no tab, everythin

  • 25th Nov, 2016
  • 0
  • $5,000
  • Reported Loss

Invest Online with BeeOptions, if your only option is to lose money!!! A lot of brokerage firms run binary trading platforms, claiming that they provide trading expertise to new traders along with the promise of making huge profits. BeeOptions is one such broker, though I now consider them as Defrauders…Cheaters…Scammers. They

  • 16th Nov, 2016
  • 0
  • $15,000
  • Reported Loss

I am Steve; businessman from quite a few years and a keen observer by nature. I was dealing with Capital Business Solutions for having assistance in a certain deal. A business proposition was made by Patrick Gagliardi, chief business broker from Capital Business solutions. Like any usual business deal I was looking deep into al

  • 10th Nov, 2016
  • 0

Dr Victoria Hayward tried to label me as depressed and offered me drugs. I am sick and have extremely high anxiety and stress but I love life. I had not long before, completed a DASS test. (Depression Anxiety Stress Scale). This scale was developed by researchers at the University of New South Wales. It clearly showed that I had

  • 9th Oct, 2016
  • 0

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