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  • $55,000
  • Reported Loss

JT FOXX HAS SUED ME TWICE !!!  He states clearly in his Blogg that Anybody who claims they have the RIGHTS to excercise their FREEDOM OF SPEECH, him and his lawyers beg to differ. I did that on my FB page in April, May, June (its open to the public for all to read) he then attacked me over & over publicly on FB and also anyo

  • 27th Jan, 2019
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After multiple requests, over quite some time, they can't even get my business name itself correct!  Nor the entity type (LLC) correct or SIC code.  Every time I call to advise of their errors, they seem only to be interested in selling their services, which I have no need for.  My honest opinion is that they attempt to scare bu

  • 11th Oct, 2018
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I joined Mobe in 2015 the cost was $49 for this I had a coach and you have to do a 21 step video course. Only two videos are opened per day on video6 I was asked for $3420 without payment you cannot go on with the course so I paid, I finished the 21steps and was not happy for the most part all the videos concentrated on recruiti

  • 13th Nov, 2017
  • 1
  • $85
  • Reported Loss

I got cheated on a bait and switch promotion on Priceline.com.  Customers beware of this company.  They will not listen to a cooperative and loyal customer trying to tell them that Priceline.com has an error in their offering.  After hours (seriously - 3.5 hours on two seperate calls) of phone time, I was promised two time that

  • 30th Jun, 2017
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  • $14,500
  • Reported Loss

In 2012 I was a HGV lorry driver and whilst away all week I lived in a Mobile Home 36 foot  three bedrooms  That I had aquired whilst away working for wich I paid £ 3,500. in 2013 I had an accident whilst at work falling from a 40 foot trailor that ripped my cartlidge and damaged my right hip. I was advised That I could retire

  • 11th Nov, 2018
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I was on PoF browsing and chatting to a few guys when a guy messaged me. His picture was him holding his erection and messaged me looking for “fun”. I reported this to PoF using the appropriate message report and reported the profile. (Who’s profile photo was literally an erect p***s, with details not filled in!) About 20 minu

  • 6th Mar, 2018
  • 0
  • $20
  • Reported Loss

I have been with Sharebuilder before they were taken over by Capital One Investing. All their policies and mode of operations went through an overhaul and unfortunately for the worst. Being a loyal customer, I decided to stick thrugh te transitions and give them time to sort out the bugs in their systems. But since the last 8 mo

  • 25th Sep, 2017
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  • $200,000,000
  • Reported Loss

Simon Thomas is a UK citizen who resides in Rome, Italy who says that he works in the banking industry that purchases and sells discounted instruments and has high profile investors for joint ventures and proof of funds for projects. We were introduced to Simon through a mutual colleague after we were required to source a joint

  • 16th Jan, 2017
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