• $200,000,000
  • Reported Loss

Simon Thomas is a UK citizen who resides in Rome, Italy who says that he works in the banking industry that purchases and sells discounted instruments and has high profile investors for joint ventures and proof of funds for projects. We were introduced to Simon through a mutual colleague after we were required to source a joint

  • 16th Jan, 2017
  • 0

MLM schemes are nothing but a rip-off tool, designed to make money for the top guys only. What worries me that some of these companies are now partnering with household names like Nokia!!!   So in the last couple of years, MLM schemes have been going in one direction. GLOBAL. It used to be shady people doing these schemes and

  • 6th Jan, 2017
  • 0

We had moved into a new house in 2011. We were looking for a company to help us refurnish the whole place. We lived not too far away from the coast, so we wanted to ensure that the house always had a good sea breeze passing through. That’s what prompted us to go check out new types of windows and stuff like that. Let me tell you

  • 5th Jan, 2017
  • 0

Involving religion to win trust and betray after selling scams is a heinous crime. This is definitely the worst kind of scam you can ever think of. I think notorious scam artists have got something unique to them. In Daniel Nucum’s (Source One Companies) case, it was using religion to make a swift entry into victim’s lives. I’ve

  • 5th Jan, 2017
  • 0

We met Simon Giles Thomas in our efforts to secure a joint venture partner and secure a $40 mn capital based on which we could get an MT799 from an investor. We (me and my business partner) were looking to buy positions based on gold, and trade with them on the market. Let me explain what exactly went down. Basically, we needed

  • 5th Jan, 2017
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