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After multiple requests, over quite some time, they can't even get my business name itself correct!  Nor the entity type (LLC) correct or SIC code.  Every time I call to advise of their errors, they seem only to be interested in selling their services, which I have no need for.  My honest opinion is that they attempt to scare bu

  • 11th Oct, 2018
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  • $80,000
  • Reported Loss

Darwin Horan, President and CEO of Ventana Capital, is conducting a complete scale fraud in the home construction and land development industry. He controls 12,000 acres of property, 180,000 square feet of office buildings, over $200 million of assets and contains 17 subdivisions underway, making Ventana Capital's real estate po

  • 28th Aug, 2018
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Hired Dependaroof August, 2016 at 15,577.00 to repair the roof on 948 D’Antignace Street, Augusta, GA 30901, which is a historic home built in 1896 to house homeless Veterans. Depndaroof stated the roof could be repaired instead of replacing it. We have called the approximately 8 times since August, 2016 and the roof is still

  • 22nd Apr, 2018
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Don’t let depression make you take a wrong decision in life. I am James from Wisconsin and I’m writing my horrible experience with a cult rip off named the legacy centre at Morrisville NC and how it ruined my family. I almost lost my baby brother to this evil cult. Jonathan was depressed on not being able to get admitted to univ

  • 27th Sep, 2017
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Ms.Ingrid Mahogany, unprofessional social service provider unprofessional and poor service to clients       My name is Andrew Mcdougal, I am writing to you regardingMy experience at a transitional home called Federal City Recovery located inSE Washington D.C, under the support of Ms. Ingrid Mahogany The purposeof the housing pro

  • 21st Sep, 2018
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My computer started acting up…booting up slow; taking for ever; I tried running a security scan to check for bugs and it said everything is fine…so issues. One night while trying to surf the net a pop up appeared on a big solid blue screen stating that my computer was infected and to call the number on the screen immediately fo

  • 29th Apr, 2018
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Have you ever thought getting a computer fixed would result in a torturous and scandalous experience? I know it sounds weird. What if I were to tell you technical support tricked me and asked for ransom for keeping data safe and secure? I think you would have some kind of sympathy with me. I, Stephen, became the latest victim of

  • 8th Oct, 2017
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Involving religion to win trust and betray after selling scams is a heinous crime. This is definitely the worst kind of scam you can ever think of. I think notorious scam artists have got something unique to them. In Daniel Nucum’s (Source One Companies) case, it was using religion to make a swift entry into victim’s lives. I’ve

  • 5th Jan, 2017
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