• $6,000
  • Reported Loss

I was riding home one evening in January 2014 and I heard a radio ad asking for parents with children interested in working for Disney or Nick to call the 1-800 number to schedule auditions. I came home and asked my five year old if she was interested. She was ecstatic, so we called and set up her audition. Once in the audition

  • 12th Jul, 2016
  • 0

Who can better understand the pain of losing one’s hard earned money than the one who has already lost it? I have no hope of getting it back since its almost 3 freakin years I am trying to claim refund. In the UAE, money in bank account fetches no interest. In April 2012, I thought of investing the money elsewhere to reap huge r

  • 12th Jul, 2016
  • 0

The scam artists don’t see any harm in entering noble professions and ruin the image for some cheap cash. The pressure is on families and individuals to identify and recognize the real deal from bogus ones. Who would have thought scammers or fraud players entering into fields like yoga and tarot cards? I don’t know the history b

  • 12th Jul, 2016
  • 0

Inheritance scams are pretty bold, as far as scams go. It’s also one of the most successful types of scams out there. The reason for this is pretty simple. They work because it’s so nice to believe a fortune is waiting for us, just out of our reach. I mean, it’s only cost you a couple of thousands of dollars to get to all that m

  • 13th Apr, 2016
  • 0

Greenberg & Hoeschen LLC are wolves in sheep’s clothing, once they lure u in be assured they will con you and scam you and lead u to debt and bankruptcy I’m a 40-year-old developer and was looking for finances for my project in Chile, that’s when I met Joshua Schultz of DRMR Development. He was a smooth talker and he said h

  • 6th Apr, 2016
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