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17th Feb, 2022

AAA Affordable Polygraph in Scottsdale, AZ

If you believe you are in need of polygraph services (i.e. infidelity, trust issues, other “personal” issues), plz, PLZZZZ whatever you do…


THIS: If you “VALUE” YOUR relationship, or NEED the ABSOLUTE “TRUTH” about something, this is NOT the time to go “cheap” bc that’s EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE GONNA GET FROM THIS PLACE:

▪︎”CHEAP” treatment; you’ll be treated unprofessionally, roughly, and in a manner one should NEVER be treated when it involves something so IMPORTANT & intimate in one’s life!▪︎”CHEAP” results; OMG, so NOT reliable! (You may as well save the $295 he’s gonna charge you & flip a damn coin instead!)▪︎”CHEAPED” out of a “REAL” polygraph test/exam (He will RUSH you thru the ENTIRE process, make you feel as if you’re taking up too much of HIS valuable time & NOT treat you AND the process fairly!!! FYI: A “REAL” polygraph should take a MINIMUM of 1½ hrs, and even up to 3 hrs!!! This guy needs to RUSH you out the door bc THAT’S NOT HIS OFFICE! He rents that TINY, LIL suite/room by-the-hour!! He needs you OUTTA THERE FAST bc he doesn’t want YOU eating into HIS “profits!” (You’re lucky if he spends more than 45-55 mins w/ you!) When you’re calling around looking for a REAL, PROFESSIONAL polygraph company, be SURE TO ASK THEM if it’s THEIR office, or if it’s one of those “Rent-by-the-Hour” places. If they tell you “yes” on the phone & you show-up there & discover they lied… TURN AROUND & WALK OUT!!! (And demand any $$ you already paid for as a Deposit back! File a “dispute” w/ your Credit card company due to “false representation” & get the charges reversed, then pay it to a “REAL” polygraph company! You’ll thank me later! ROFLMAO!)
▪︎”CHEAP” Report (IF you can call it that: a “Report”!!!) It’s nothing more than the questions he asked you on your test all mumbled-jumbled-up in a CONFUSING recap w/ #’s and colored ink. ▪︎”CHEAPENED” polygraph “process” & “procedure” (Come to find out, THIS guy has ABSOLUTELY NO CREDENTIALS!!!!! He does NOT belong to ANY of the Organizations (local (AZ) or nationally (USA)) that oversees polygraph companies! He follows NO guidelines or methods “set forth” by these Organizations. Ask him! He’ll tell you (and sound “proud of it!”) himself that he belongs to NO (ZERO/NADA!) Organizations. He’ll reason w/ you that that’s why he can charge a “cheaper” rate. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather pay a lil extra to a MORE REPUTABLE polygraph company, than hire/use him & pay a “cheap” price, the whole time knowing this guy answers to NO ONE & NO organization overviews him!!! He can make-up $h¡+, as he goes along!)

I think by now you “catch my drift” & have figured out that you’ll get EXACTLY WHAT YOU PAY FOR… “CHEAP” EVERYTHING, from start-to-finish!!! But, HEY, it’s YOUR money!!!

[BTW: We decided we URGENTLY NEEDED to do a “Re-Test” w/ the OTHER polygraph company @ Scottsdale (“Precise”) bc our “issue” was too IMPORTANT to ignore, and we DIDN’T want to rely on THIS guy’s results bc of his reputation & the results we got. The WHOLE process, our/my treatment, their office ambiance, the entire polygraph procedure was like NIGHT & DAY!!! NO COMPARISON!!! Hands down they (at “Precise”) were a million times BETTER! They were extremely professional, my test/exam process took about 2 hrs (as in “legit”), THEIR name was right on the door, the Report & results we got was even more than we expected (descriptive, professionally written, EASY to understand, etc)
We should’ve gone there first!! But paying the extra $$ WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! But, HEY, it’s YOUR money!!!]

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