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We bring consumers and companies together to continuously share, collaborate,
and improve. The power of our platform comes from being open to all consumers
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Why NameandShame?

It is a form of public shaming used to rally popular opinion against and in turn discourage certain kinds of behavior or enterprises. The practice occurs both at the domestic and the international levels where naming and shaming are often used to denounce unfair business practices or human rights violations

Become a Citizen Reporter

Citizen journalism enables individuals, who are previously excluded from essential information, to increasingly participate in disseminating information to advance their well-being. This journalistic innovation is said to help improve local economies, sharing substantial information to remote corners of the globe. With it, many ordinary people are now able to play a part in telling stories, including their own, that are usually understated by mainstream media.

Angela Buan

Shame businesses into changing their ways

In our private lives, shame is a powerful means of social policing. As kids, we are shamed for our bad behavior, and even apologies have an element of shaming yourself and admitting you're wrong.

It seems, by replicating this social dynamic within a business setting, we can shame businesses into changing their delinquent ways. The number of circumstances in which accountability has taken place has reached a point where it has brought about some measure of deterrence. Gathering, documenting and disseminating reliable and detailed information on abuses — that is “naming and shaming” — is the essential means of promoting accountability

Open Society Foundations
Companies get away with commiting injustice every day
You can bring that era to an end!



NameandShame is a non-profit company, which literally means no one’s profiting off it, except for the community that takes advantage of the platform and draws attention to the malicious attitude unfair companies have towards their customers. The company itself is, however, owned by a Board of Directors, who can’t sell or their share, which keeps the entire project stable and running. This means that although NameandShame is owned by someone on paper, they can’t profit from it. At the same time, this model allows for unbiased management of the platform, where users are meant to share their grief and pain about dealing with various companies, their services, and products. NameandShame guarantees anonymity to each user of the platform for the sake of their personal protection, since many big companies are going to get rather angry at what this project does and tries to achieve.



NameandShame provides ordinary people that were scammed, lied to, mistreated, and cheated by companies with a platform to seek real justice against the later. We want to build a community of consumers and, subsequently, businesses that have mutual respect towards each other and hold up to their promises and quality standards. As for now, NameandShame is meant to call unfair companies to account for providing inadequate services or selling low-quality products to their customers and thinking they can get away with it. This is why we’ve created a system of checks and balances to make certain that all members of this platform are equal in communicating their complaints and that no one is pushing their own agenda.



There are three things we, at NameandShame, value the most: accountability, transparency, and privacy. And while we’ve already described the accountability thing above, the other two values must be addressed. Transparency is one of the most important traits we, as humans, value in others, and this perception touches on everything we’re dealing with. We want you to know what’s going on with your complaint once you’ve posted it and we also want the site’s users to get a better perspective on what this whole project is doing and achieving through personal statistics and regular transparency reports. As for privacy, it’s a must in the case with NameandShame because we don’t want our platform members to be assaulted or threatened in any other way by the companies they upset with their complaints. No one will be able to access your personal data, even the NAS admins and moderators, so you can feel absolutely safe about posting a devastating complaint about any corporate mogul, just make sure it’s really an issue and not your desire to push your own agenda.



Since we’ve barely started, we still have a long way to go in building a strong and well-connected community. However, this platform seems like a good first step in this journey as it provides the stage for every consumer that has had a discouraging or even damaging experience dealing with various companies to make their complaints public and, hopefully, bring malicious attitude and composure of businesses to the light of the community. In the future, we hope that NameandShame will become the beacon of accountability and trust in the market both for consumers and businesses.
Without Watchdog Platforms Like Us
Impunity becomes the very foundation upon which systems of corruption
are built. And if impunity is not demolished, all efforts to bring an end to
corruption are in vain.