About NAS

NameandShame is probably you. It's definitely us. And it's millions of people the world over who have had not been able to get recourse for the mistreatment they've suffered at the hands of an indifferent company. NameandShame represents everyone who has ever felt angry and helpless after being subjected to fraud, scams, crimes, inhumane behavior, or unethical practices. It is all of us who were not "important" enough for a company to bother caring about, or powerful enough to make them feel sorry for the wrongs they committed.

NameandShame was founded by four people who met online in a political forum. Our names aren't important, and our personal woes won't be featured on this site. We won't be using this platform to elevate ourselves or wield influence on the companies who treat people poorly.

Instead, we chose to create a people's platform. We created the site, the layout, and the method of checks and balances - but by launching this website, we hereby bequeath it to all of you.

NameandShame is a platform for you to tell your story of injustices done to you as a customer. Your confidentiality will always be protected, and we'll also make every effort to ensure there are sufficient checks and balances that no one can use this platform abusively. We're here to stop instances of abuse, not perpetuate them, and we created a platform that operates by that principle. We will do everything in our power to continue to refine our model to ensure it remains a place where real people can air their grievances and receive justice.

Who We Are

As we've said, we're the founders, but we're not important. (Well, okay, we came up with the idea, secured the initial funding, and created the platform, so we're kind of important. But our time to be important is done. It's your turn now.)

NameandShame is not for profit and we won't be putting ourselves in positions of power: all the moderators, the support teams, designers, developers, legal experts, finance folks - everyone, in fact, is a volunteer.

Speaking of which: if you'd like to volunteer for us, please come on down here.

We've created a system of checks and balances to ensure that no one person can use this platform to pursue a personal agenda.

Business Model

NameandShame is a not-for-profit company, but we want to tell you a little bit more about our business model. After all, we created a platform that allows you to air your grievances against companies who created terrible customers service policies. Why are their policies so terrible? Usually, because someone benefits monetarily from those policies: the Board of Directors, the shareholders, the executives, or all of the above.

No one at this company benefits in any way from the platform we created. It is here for one purpose and one purpose only: to hold companies accountable for their actions. We were very careful to ensure that no one can use NameandShame for their own personal, professional, or monetary benefit, and we'd like to make sure you understand how such a business model works.

Officially, we are owned by an offshore trust whose Board of Directors will change hands every 12 months. Each director will relinquish the right to sell his share, which ensures that the setup is stable and cannot be compromised. For those of you who aren't lawyers, this means that NameandShame will be "owned," on paper, by a Board of Directors who cannot make any money from the venture.

We used this model to ensure that this platform remains unbiased and cannot be accused of having a personal agenda, and also to keep the power where it belongs: in the hands of the community. NameandShame' organizational set-up is democratic and community based. Our directors, our founders, and our volunteers will remain anonymous. NameandShame will never be credited to any individual; no one reaps benefits from its success except for those who seek justice for the wrongs committed against them.

That's a good and noble reason, but at NameandShame we're committed to transparency, and so we want to reveal that we also have a wholly self-preservative reason for our anonymity: we expect this platform to anger a great many companies who would like nothing more than to personally attack the people behind it. There is nothing they can do when the platform is run and operated by the community; these are individuals stating truthfully (and with proof) what happened to them. There is, however, a great deal they could do to make the lives of individual people absolutely miserable, and we neither personally wish to be attacked in that fashion nor do we wish such treatment on any of our volunteers.

We are committed to protecting every member of this community, and that includes those who founded it, sit on its board, and volunteer to help run it.

And you, of course. Always you.

Before we sought truth. Now we seek justice.

Companies get away with committing injustices every day. NameAndShame is bringing that era to an end.

Phase 1:


Beta version with core features and we will continue refining existing features and eliminate bugs.

Phase 2:


We add features that will ensure there is tangible action taken on an incident report.

Phase 3:


This phase will take web activism into hitherto unchartered territory to maximize its coverage and reach.

Phase 4:


This is when we hand over the entire ownership of NAS to the community - to run, manage and propagate the platform.

Where We Are At
Starts 4th July 2016
Starts 10th Oct 2016
Starts 5th Jan 2017