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1st Feb, 2020

Giant 2 Scam by Two Con Artist Adam Stott & Damien Elston

This actually my first review positive or negative about anyone but I felt that I had to alert the public. I attended a 1 day event in Manchester a few days ago that was about business growth and social media, two topics I am very interested in. I tool the train to the event. I was excited about the event but also skeptical especially after watching the BBC show this past Monday about the soldier who committed suicide  after attending a similar seminar was riddled with debt.

From the moment I got there I immediately I felt uncomfortable. There were two wankers bragging Damien Elston and Adam Stott on how successful they were. I literally felt like I was being sold by a used car salesman. It felt like they were going to trap us in the boot of a car and not let us out until they got our credit cards out. There was a nice chap named Ross but he did not speak long. But despite him I was so disgusted, I called my wife and took the early train home.

I have a successful pub Stockport and wanted ideas to grow our business. When I was on the train home I started doing to basic Googling about these two and I was miffed at what I saw. I felt like such a wazook having spent the entire wasting my time.

First of all Adam Stott has 36K instagram followers but you click on them they are from India. Unless he does events there he has being buying likes. Damien Elston only has 1500. So I spent the entire day with two blokes who both have no following and pay for them.

Then I googled Adam and turns out he lost his car business to insolvency called BIG Cars. Then Damien Elston has been arrested and apparently is in foreclosure, which I think means he lost his house due to non-payment. I saw no record of him selling 300 million like he claims on his profiles. There is more, you just have to Google it. How did let this American in the country with a criminal conviction shows how the UK has bowed to the all mighty Trump power. If that was a British resident we couldn’t have gotten in their country.

Tomorrow I am filing a complaint to the Competition & Consumer Protection Authorities and will be sending the info to the BBC who reported the same recap I am sending. 

I feel ashamed and I hope no one ever wastes their day with these two wankers. This event was a SCAM but more importantly Adam and Damien should go and let Ross do their show. I found nothing wrong with him.

So if you want to learn from a failed businessman turned guru or a convict in foreclosure loud mouth American then this event is for you.

I hope this helps.


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