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2nd Feb, 2022

Basenji pups. Beware

To all Future potential dog purchases—-if you can’t visit the breeders location BEWARE

 Hi! I have a question. I visited Mountain Springs Ranch in Anza Ca and it was deplorable conditions.

Sandy Cyrus whom is registered on your website. What do you do to make sure the puppies being sold on your site are properly cared for? How do you vet the sellers?
Is there anything that can be done for those puppies? If so, who would I contact?

It was filthy, dog feces in bowl, no bedding, urine stench strong, she poured water from a pitcher into a filthy bowl for the animals to drink from.

There were about 15 pups there, they were tucked all over.

I owned 32 acres in NJ had horses, goats, dogs and cats. My place was clean and I understand that sometimes you can fall behind, but this was atrocious.

We were there for a few hours and she stated she liked us very much we would go to the top of the waitlist. The akc.marketplace states she has no puppies available.
This should be looked into as it can string potential customers along with the hopes of getting a basenji.

I told her I don’t have Venmo and we would get back to her. My husband and I were left aghast by the place.

They are all in the barn I don’t know if there’s heat there, it does get cold at night. It looks like she’s pushing out as many pups as she can.

We did not follow up with her and did not send her a deposit. I just couldn’t get those dogs out of my mind.

I have sent inquiries out to several sites.

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