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17th Feb, 2022

Unethical company from the top down.

This is a predatory company. They prey on job seekers and hard-working families.

They find your resume on job sites and call you hoping you’re desperate for an interview. They’ll say it’s a salary position or they offer benefits, paid training, etc. They are vague about the position but will say it’s management or administrative to make it seem real and schedule you for an immediate interview.
Once you arrive at the office or to the zoom meeting, you’ll see 20+ all waiting for an interview. They will ask you for your resume and the person interviewing you will make it seem like they are so impressed with you and that you’re a perfect fit for the company, then ask you to stay for a second interview which is just propaganda video. You’ll be told to take notes and try and get noticed by the managers lol.

Anywho, this is where they throw out the bait to reel in the gullible people; they play a video that shows houses, vacations and cars, talk about the unlimited 6 figure income, being your own boss, conventions, resuidal income, early retirement, no cold calling, no door to door sales, money money money. Usually the most wary leave at this point leaving behind the gullible and unsure.

Next, they’ll say not everyone will make it to the final interview, they’re only calling the best of the best! But in reality, anyone who wants a job there will get hired. They will hire ANYONE because mlms rely on warm bodies to keep them going.

They call you and say you got the job and to start training. First day they reveal that you will be selling life insurance and it’s comission only; then ask if you can pay for your license and training that you need before you can go out and sell. They give you a month to get the license but complain if you don’t have it within two weeks. Training, from what I heard, takes a few weeks and they expect you to be in the office or on zoom 10+ hours a day during it, this is when you’re given the bait and switch script to memorize. At this point you will spend a lot of time of the phone trying to recruit other people and setting appointments for your trainer (upline).

Once training is over and you’re living off of your final paycheck from your last job, you’re given a pack of leads to call. Now you will start to harrass people who don’t know why you’re calling them. You’re trained to say you’re with their union and you want to go over some free benefits they’re eligible for and try to make an appointment. They also advertise these benefits to everyone (child safe kits or will kits) on Facebook and contact them to make an appointment. You call the same 30 or so leads for hours every day until they block, threaten, or set up an appointment with you. If you can’t get in touch with them you are excepted to drive to their homes and knock on their doors. (Imagine how you would feel if someone was calling you non-stop trying to get into your home, then showed up unannounced, at your home.)

Once inside the home, you switch it up and start aggressively pitching life insurance from that script you learned, play the presentation videos and get ready to spit out the scripted rebuttals once the client says no. NO is NOT an option because you are flat broke and haven’t had a paycheck in over a month, so you press harder. Since Ail targets poor the poor and the elderly, you start to say things about their quality of life, how it will get worse if one of them dies, “how would you pay for the funeral ma’am, they are very expensive, do you have that much saved up? What about you sir, you wouldn’t want to leave your family in debt after you die would you?” They might have a moment of weakness and buy it outright, but most will either ask you to leave or need time to think about it. But you are trained to do whatever it takes to get the sale, so you tell them this offer is only available right now, tonight and once you leave it’s gone. You don’t want to give them chance to google the company or insurance, they’ll see the terrible reviews and complaints and the jig would be up. You are also trained to ask if the clients have any other friends or family members who need free benefits and insurance. If they give you contacts, these will be considered your new leads and you’ll start harrassing them. Ail only gives you x amount of recycled leads, you have to generate your own leads to keep your “business ” going.

You make the sale and anxiously await your first paycheck, which doesn’t arrive for a few weeks. You open it and find that it’s less than $100. You ask your manager who tells you that you only get 40% of comission your first year, rest is incase the client cancels. Which the client cancels all the time. The insurance is too expensive for already struggling families and there are better options online. Once a client cancels, you owe back any comission you made off that sale, and you are responsible for the contract debt for a year whether you quit or not. Most agents quit at this point, upset and embarrassed that they fell for this scheme. If you stick around, your upline will tell you in order to make real money, you need to recruit recruit recruit. Anyone you’re able to trick into signing up becomes your downline and you get a bonus and % of their sales if they’re able to make them. Which they won’t, because 99.9 percent of people fail in this mlm.

After a few weeks when you’re in significant debt, you’ll question why you’re working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week and making absolutely nothing. You have spent hundreds in gas driving from town to town, drove your car into the ground, been cursed out and threatened by managers and leads; slowly you realize this 6 figure income is only realistic for the people on the top. You quietly resign and find a job with stable income so you can pay your bills. You feel had, but if you’re smart, you’ll never fall for this sort of thing again!

I found out the way this company works from a former acquaintance who worked for them for almost a year. Before you feel too bad, this guy was not someone fresh out of college, he’s an egotistical jerk who was a hotel general manager with a degree in business management. He’s a delusional job hopper who’s had 7 gm jobs in the last 10 years. He gets a job, does the bare minimum, then quits before he can get fired. He bought into the hype and quit his last gm position a few months before covid. He was bragging so hard about ail, how rich he was going to be, how he worked with unions and was building a team to do the work for him etc. He tried his luck at 2 different ail agencies and failed at both. Even though he knew how the opportunity worked, he had no problems lying to others in an attempt to recruit them, and never felt bad about manipulating or lying to or scaring people to make a measly comission.
He quit because it wasn’t as easy to trick people out of their hard earned money as ail told him it would be. He’s nearly destitute, not able to apply for unemployment due to quitting his last job, I can only hope he learned a life lesson, but im doubtful; last I heard he takes whatever job he can get until those walls start closing in, then it’s off searching for the next…

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