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31st Jan, 2020

Arizona Investment Link Took a Deposit but Didn’t Keep the House

The title says it all. Jason at Arizona Investment Link took my money but didn’t take the house off the market. 

It all happened in November 2019. I was looking for a house to buy so I hired Arizona Investment Link to help me find it. Jason was very friendly and his wife, who works with him at the same company was also very helpful. They showed me 3 houses out of which I liked the third one the most. 

I told them that I was interested in purchasing that property. They told me that I’ll need to give them a ‘booking amount’ if I want them to get this property off the market. This meant that even if I liked the property, I might not be able to buy it because they can sell it to someone else while I get the cash ready. It really annoyed me but they didn’t budge. They needed an advance. It felt like extortion to me but I obliged. 

I paid those guys around $7,000 as the booking amount. It was a considerable sum but I was glad that I had the house for myself now. We shook hands and all the financing problems were to be taken care of within a few days. But they hadn’t made me sign any papers, which to me, felt like a little careless at the time.

When I didn’t hear from them for a week, I gave them a call. They acted like they didn’t even recognize me. 

Finally they told me that the house I was interested in was already sold to someone else and there was nothing they could do about it. I didn’t expect this to happen. They were supposed to keep that property off the market as I had already paid a substantial booking fee. They told me that the ‘fees’ I had paid them were for their services and not the house. 

Then they told me that they have the receipt at their office and I can get it there. I was shocked, angry, and whatnot. Those guys had lied to me about the payment! 

The money wasn’t for them but for the house!!

They were supposed to get the papers ready for the house. But instead, they just shrugged it off. They told me AFTER A WEEK that the seller had chosen someone before and I wasn’t going to get the house in any case. I asked them why they lied to me then. But they had no answer to that. 

Don’t trust the guys at this realtor. 

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