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Name and Shame



This complaint was posted on NAS on 29th Apr, 2022 and is a permanent record located here: .

TEFL Online Pro
29th Apr, 2022

Customer stole from us

Ashley D. Jeffers paid for one of our discounted international TEFL/TESOL certification courses in April, 2022.
She completed the course and when we issued her with the payment request for the certificate, she complained that she did not know that she had to pay for the certificate and accused us of charging hidden fees.
We showed her the two places on our website where this is clearly outlined, but she refused to accept that she had to make the payment.
At this stage, we simply issued Ashley D. Jeffers her course certificate (without charge).
It was, therefore, a surprise to us, that immediately after receiving her course certificate that Ashley proceeded to contact Paypal and request a full refund of her course payment.
By this time, we just wanted to be rid of this person and didn't want her as a customer.
So, we authorized the chargeback and Ashley D. Jeffers' payment was returned in full.
We assumed that this would now be over with and that the ex-customer could take her course with another TEFL company.
It wasn't the end.
Ashley decided to publish defamatory content on a website blog that is run clandestinely by one of our business competitors.
In her published comment, she claims that she never received a refund and that our company certificates are fake.
We have asked Ashley to delete her comment because it is defamatory - it is intended to harm the reputation of our company - but she simply ignores us.
We are writing this complaint because at some time in the near future, Ashley D. Jeffers will begin applying for teaching English online or overseas jobs and we want this complaint to be on record as a warning to anyone considering whether to employ this person.
If you do employ this person, you MUST make sure that she reads and understands any information that you need her to understand.
If she was able to defame and defraud our company with such apparent routine ease, she is likely able to do this to your school or business too.

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