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11th Jan, 2022

ashleyykirn online upfront money scammer

Ashley Kirn (defendant) signed up for and publicly listed herself on a matchmaking site called WhatsYourPrice ( ). This service matched together attractive women whom were seeking bids from men willing to pay money to go on ’dates’ with them, these were usually men whom were willing to pay the site (typically a 10% commission cut of the date amount) for the privilege of being matched with these women.

During the sign up process the site requires as a terms of service that all parties make the truthful representation that they are of legal age and that sex is not to occur on the first ’date’. Typically, this process constituted the male party agreeing to pay the female party a pre-agreed sum of money in order to/for them to both arrange a time and place (usually over lunch or dinner or some outing event etc) in order to meet up physically in person, where they would share a meal or enjoy some event together and then the money would change hands once they have actually met up.

On August 31st, 2021 Ashley Kirn accepts the offer from Bo Chen ( plaintiff ) in the amount of $200.00 USD in order to meet up for one such aforementioned ’date’. Ashley Kirn represents herself on her profile as a female woman 20 years of age, from Fort Worth Texas, and about 5’8” in height with some college but no income and no occupation listed. Some messages are exchanged on the site between Ashley Kirn and Mr. Chen and on or around October 8th 2021 both parties exchanged personal cell phone numbers and start communication off the site.

On the evening of Friday October 15th 2021, Mr. Chen sends Ashley Kirn a SMS text message to her 434-258-4807 number asking her if they could meet up at a PF Changs restaurant in Arlington for the date, to which Ashley Kirn replied: ”send me money and i will”. Minutes later, Kirn provides Chen with her CashApp id of ( $ashleyykirn ) and asked him for $100 upfront.

Before sending any money, Chen advised Kirn that he was also looking for a platonic travel partner to go on an overseas trip with towards the end of the year and asked if she did the travel partner thing. Kirn replies back yes she did, and that she can probably come as long as it’s not Christmas. She stated that she would need $150 to come along as a travel partner. Chen asked Kirn how about the dates ranging from December 8th to December 21st to which Kirn replies that those dates work for her. When asked if she has work or school that might logistically conflict with any potential travels she replied back that she doesn’t work and yes she is free. Kirn asks Chen where they would be going to which Chen answers he wants to visit Spain in December and then Kirn agrees to meet up with Chen tomorrow (the very next day) to chat and discuss about this in person.

At 10:17PM the same evening, Chen proceeds to ask Kirn where they can met up to discuss to which Kirn replies back: ”send cashapp”.

Chen then seeks clarification, asking how much in order to meet up tomorrow (the next day) in which Kirn replies: ”$100 send it now and i’ll come to you”…

When Kirn asked for the $100 upfront she already knew that Mr. Chen lived in Arlington and she had previously remarked that her location in Fort Worth was ”close” to Arlington.

A few minutes later at 10:52PM Kirn sends Chen another message stating that she was ”i’m waiting” still waiting on Chen to send her the money via CashApp.

Within ten minutes after that, Chen sends the money to Ashley Kirn’s Cashapp ( $ashleyykirn ) and then he asked Kirn if they can met up at PF Chang around 4PM the following day in Arlington. Kirn replied back ”okay”, then Chen follows up with stating that he will contact Kirn tomorrow for more details and reminds her not to forget, to which Kirn again responds with ”okay”…

Less than 20 minutes later, at around 11:20PM, Chen sends Kirn a follow up message with two screenshots of Google Maps of PF Changs and including the location of the restuarant to Kirn, she never responds back that entire night again or ever again.

Around 10AM the following morning, on Saturday October 16th 2021, the day Ashley Kirn had agreed to meet up with Chen at PF Changs at 4PM, Chen sends several messages to Kirn asking if she can confirm the time and place so that he can call up the restuarant to confirm reservations. Kirn never responds again.

At around noon on October 16th and less than four hours from when they were supposed to meet up, Chen decided to call Kirn directly to see what was going on, but on the very first ring it went direct to voice message. Suspecting something was going on, and that Kirn had blocked Chen’s number after getting Chen to pay her upfront, Chen immediately used a different number to attempt to call up Kirn and Kirn picked up on the first couple of rings at around 12:47PM. By all accounts Kirn would have already been awake by 12:47PM that Saturday.

By 2:09PM that same day, with less than two hours left to go from when Kirn had agreed to show up, realizing he had most likely been duped, Chen proceeded to send Kirn from a Google Voice (VOIP) number a text message stating that he had reported Kirn to WhatsYourPrice for fraud and was filing a RipoffReport on her.

Then immediately, literally less than 60 seconds later, Kirn springs back to life and suddenly replies back at 2:09PM on the very exact minute and then she started to state that she had ”just woke up”. When Chen mentioned that Kirn was actually up hours ago, Kirn denies it and says no she was not, and that she ”went out last night”… She follows up with saying she was ”trashed last night”, and that that was why she ”didn’t answer”, stating again she had ”just woke up”. When Chen asked Kirn why she would purport to sleep in to 2PM on a Saturday, she replies back: ”21 YEAR OLDS”. She further states that she was ”blacked out drunk” and ”wasn’t on her phone”.

Chen apologizes to Kirn if he had overreacted and then told Kirn that if she is legit, then he would still like to meet up with her at the agreed time and location, and that to make it up to her, he can even give her another $200 cash when they met up in person and then forgo having to get any Cashapp refund from her etc. To which she immediately replies back at 2:33PM for Chen to give her “an hour to think about it”…

She never replies back that day and the meeting never happened. She never refunded Chen the upfront payment. The day after, around 6PM on Sunday, Chen wrote some messages to Kirn explaining his motive, intent and purpose of seeking a travel partner for his upcoming trip, in hopes that it might interest her to go with him or at the very least meet up and/or have more discussions about it. Kirn finally replies back around 8PM on Sunday October 17th asking if her girl friend can also come along. Chen asks Kirn how much she would want to go on such a trip to which she replied she wants $800 dollars assuming all other trip expenses were covered.

Chen then asked Kirn if they can meet up tomorrow at the local Arlington Star Bucks to talk about it in person and that essentially this would count towards the pre-agreed upon ”first date” which Ashley not only accepted on WhatsYourPrice but had actually already previously gotten paid upfront via Cashapp for.

Chen gives Kirn the address and time, Kirn agrees to it but then later wants to change it to 1:30PM as opposed to noon. Chen agrees to this 90-minute push back, and by this time it was already almost 9PM in the evening. Kirn replies back ”okay”, indicating everything was set for tomorrow to meet up.

The following morning Monday October 18th, the day of the meeting at Starbucks which was to occur at 1:30PM, Chen messages Kirn at 10:01AM that morning (merely three hours or so from when Kirn was supposed to show up based upon what was already agreed) to ask her if she could bring a digital photocopy (phone pic or scan) of her US passport and Vaccination card for the purposes of confirming them for validity so as to facilitate moving forwards towards potential next steps of the trip together if the first meeting/date went well… She replies back at 10:01AM that she did have copies. Then Chen writes at 10:09AM to remind her to not be late and that to be there at 1:30PM. Exactly One minute later, at 10:10AM Kirn replies back that she isn’t interested anymore.

Chen asks her what happened and at around 11AM she states that someone else came up, that some other guy agreed to meet her for $500 that same day at 2PM and that he had already paid her the money upfront. Chen asked if they could move their meeting up a bit earlier, to which Kirn replies she was still in class and doesn’t get out until after 12:30PM and that the other guy was an hour drive away on the opposite side and in different directions. Previously Kirn told Chen she didn’t have school.

Chen decides to try to sweeten the deal a bit more for her and states that instead of $800 for the trip, that he could pay her $2000 total, the first half $1000 when they first start the trip and the rest when they return. Chen suggested that Kirn should instead reschedule the other guy.

Kirn replies back asking when she can get the first $1000 upfront because she has to pay her rent ahead of time because of the fact that she will have to take time off work. Previously Kirn had stated to Chen that she did not work. Chen states he would give her $1000 when she shows up at the airport and then $1000 after they both land back in DFW at the end of the trip.

Then at around 11:04AM Kirn states to Chen that she will be there at Starbucks at 1:30PM as previously agreed upon. Chen asks Kirn is she sure this time, to which she replies back that she knows how to drive, she will be there no later than 2PM and that she ”gets it” and she said she will ”be there” so she doesn’t want to be questioned about it again etc…

Chen replies back that in that case he looks forward to seeing her there shortly and asked if she wanted the $200 cash in 100’s or 20’s bills to which she replied it didn’t matter to her.

Then around 12:17PM, merely about an hour from when Kirn was supposed to show up, Kirn messages Chen that she wasn’t going to make it, and for Chen not to text her again.

Chen replies back saying ”fine” and that he will not remove the ripoffreport and will proceed to file a small claims lawsuit against Kirn, to which Kirn states she can get him for threatening her and for defamation and extortion and that she was on the phone with a hacker who had his IP address.

Chen proceeds to file a small claims against Kirn at around 4PM the same day, then notifies Kirn of it via text message.

At around 11:30PM that same Monday evening, Kirn replies back to Chen stating/asking 317 Touchdown Drive is his address, insinuating that she knew where he lived and could get to him etc…

Kirn follows up with stating that the fine print of the WhatsYourPrice website says that if Chen gets ripped off then that’s on Chen for being ”stupid for sending money” upfront. She continues by saying that WhatsYourPrice had a policy of not sending money upfront and that because Chen had sent Kirn money upfront that Chen should be the one at fault, and not her. She then starts saying that she is underage and that she merely faked her birthday when signing up for the website service. All of a sudden Kirn starts to repeatedly state that she is a minor, and that Chen would get into a lot of trouble for sending money to an underage girl.

Alarmed by this news but nevertheless suspicious of the alleged information she provided, Chen looks up multiple public online sources that all support the contention that she is in fact well over the age of 18, and soon to be turning 21 years of age. Knowing that Kirn was actually not a minor, Chen replies back stating that he didn’t appreciate being lied to again, and that he would make one last effort to settle this outside of the court, if Kirn would still agree to meet up for lunch or dinner then Kirn can discharge her obligation and Chen would not continue to pursue the claims against her.

Suddenly, the reply back stated that it was a ”wrong number” now and that the individual had ”just got this number yesterday”… and that ostensibly it no longer belonged to Ashley Kirn.

Chen replied that the person on the other end was being less than truthful since telecom companies never recycle and reassign a used number to someone else that quickly… Then Kirn changes tunes yet once again, this time ostensibly pretending to be her purported younger sibling brother, stating that ”his” sister (Kirn) had given him her old phone and that not to contact ”him” again.

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