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11th Jan, 2022

Online cashapp scammer

Ashley Kirn listed a profile on a site called WhatsYourPrice essentially opening herself to be bidded for ‘dates’ which are essentially agreements to meet up for lunch, dinner or events etc… She accepted my $200 offer sent on that site for a ‘date’ and then subsequently I spent money/credits purchased on that site to ‘unlock’ communication with her. She gave me her cell phone number so that I could communicate with her off the site.

”She” accepted meeting up for $200 cash but then wanted upfront a CashApp of $100 to her $ashleyykirn before meeting… We communicate via text message (434-258-4807) while I noticed she uses an out of state 434 area code of Virginia whilsts purporting to be in Fort Worth Texas etc…

I get texted and badgered about hurrying up to send her the money with her saying if I sent it tonight she would agree to met up with me tomorrow (10/16/2021). The moment I sent her the $100 she immediately stops replying back via text (434-258-4807) so I texted her to ask what was going on and even waited until the next morning and called her and that is when I realized she must have blocked my number because now suddenly it gets autoforwarded on the first ring, but as a test when I use a different phone number and dial her back and she picks up not knowing who I am…. This is a scammer that is only out to get money but not to actually met up….

So I texted her from a Google Voice number not disclosing who I am and pretending to be someone new and then after a bit she says will need money upfront and running the whole scam again…. on to the next victim….

As it turns out, When asked if we could met up, she stated that “send me money and i will”… (this is against the site policy of not asking for money upfront and only exchanging the money when actually meeting up in person) adding that if I sent her $100 to her CashApp right now that she will come (drive) to me.

During previous discussions she also claimed to live in Fort Worth and mentioned that “that’s close” to Arlington. (where I live) When asked if she works or if she has school (for the purpose of determining logistics and timing if we were to plan a trip together towards the end of the year etc) she also answered “no i’m free”… When asked what was she doing the weekend she replied back with “nothing”…

Then less than 20 minutes later she follows up with a message saying that she is still waiting for the money. After I sent her the money I asked when would could met up the next day as she had agreed… We agree on 4PM at a PF Chang’s restaurant in Arlington. I then told her that I would message her tomorrow with more details and to remind her not to forget, to which she replied back with “okay”…

The following morning I don’t hear back from her even after sending her several messages to confirm if she was still on for that 4PM so that I could call up the restaurant to make reservations ahead of time… She never wrote back so around noon I tried to call her but noticed that it goes directly to voice mail (she blocked my number after getting the money) while if I used a different number it actually rings and she picks up…

It wasn’t until after 2PM, less than 2 hours from the time we were supposed to met up at PF Changs in Arlington at 4PM, etc that I had texted her again this time telling her that I had reported her profile to WhatsYourPrice for fraud, and that I had written and submitted a post to Ripoffreport. Then immediately (less than 60 seconds later) she all of a sudden rapidly responds back and trying to assure me that she had merely gotten wasted the night before and didn’t wake up until 2PM etc etc etc…

Eventually I wrote to her saying that if she insists she is indeed ‘real’, and this wasn’t a scam/con that to met up at a nearby Starbucks and that if (and only if) it turns out that I was wrong about her and she shows up and everything is legit, I would essentially make it up to her by giving her another $200 cash in-person… (and she could keep the $100 already sent to her Cashapp for a total of $300 which would end up being $100 more than what we had agreed upon on the WhatsYourPrice site)

We also talked about the hypothetical trip travel offer, with me asking how much she would want to go on such a trip with me, and she answered she would want around $800 assuming all trip expenses were covered and wanted to know if one of her girl friends could also come along.

She then agrees to met me at the Starbucks at 4340 Little Rd, Arlington, TX 76016 at noon the following day to have an in-person discussion about the details… later asking that evening around 9PM if it can be moved to 1:30PM (90 minutes later) instead of noon to which I replied back okay…

The next morning, on the day we are supposed to met up at 1:30PM, I texted her at around 10AM to remind her not to be late… To which I get a response of “I’m not interested anymore”… and she then tells me that “someone else came up” and that this alleged other person already paid her $500 upfront to met her today… and that she was meeting him at 2PM and that he was on the opposite side of the metroplex and would take her an hour just to drive to him and furthermore she doesn’t get out of school until 12:30PM… thereby implying there was no way she could visit me in time since she didn’t want to get out of class early and had to met him at 2PM.

Then she said that she wanted the first $1000 upfront because she will have to pay rent ahead of time “bc i’ll have to take off work”… None of this makes any sense whatsoever because she had previously told me that she didn’t work and also didn’t have school. Now all of a sudden she has to pay rent ahead of time and wanted $1000 upfront? If her employer doesn’t pay her ahead of time for work yet to be done, why should I pay her $1000 upfront and then risk the chance of her pulling another noshow on the day of the trip? Therefore I replied back that I would only give her the first half of the money ($1000) when she shows up at the airport.

Finally around 11AM she agrees to be still be there at the Starbucks at 1:30PM as agreed…

I remind her to make sure to be there on time and tell her if she is late by more than 30 minutes that I would forego giving her the $200 for the meeting fee…

Later, after she realized I filed lawsuit against her, she messaged me stating that : ”on the website it basically says if you get ripped off that’s on you.” and also she stated ”you’re stupid for sending money” and she even had the audacity to turn it around on me by saying : ”go look on the fine print of the terms of the website. it tells you not to send money upfront. you did that. that’s on you. you violated it.” even though she was the one who created a fraudulent conveyance and induced me to send her money upfront with an agreement that in retrospect she all but admitted she never even intended to fulfill in the first place… This is not unlike a thief that blames the victim for being too stupid and therefore deserves to have things stolen from him. And thus it is the victim’s fault and not that of the thief, and then on top of that she accuses the victim of threatening and/or blackmailing her for filing the lawsuit in order to get his stolen property/money back…

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11th Jan, 2022
11th Jan, 2022

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