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Name and Shame



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1st Feb, 2020

Don’t take his coaching. He is an arrogant retard.

Some people think it’s okay to waste others time. Then there are people who are even willing to take money for wasting others’ time. Aurelius took $15000 from me as his coaching fee. And he didn’t even teach me anything. His coaching sessions are terrible. I don’t recommend anyone to buy his coaching services. Let me explain what happened.

I was starting an online freelance business. I’m good at photography and I had worked with a bunch of people before. Still, running an entire business by myself seemed like a little too much. So I started looking for someone who could guide me and help me get rid of some of my confusion. I found Aurelius through his blog articles. He seemed like an expert on online authority so I contacted him for his coaching services.

He didn’t even take 2 full days to send me a reply. I discussed my business idea with him and asked him how I should start working on it. He gave me a few answers and at that time, I thought everything was going fine. However, after I had done the basic setup of my business, he told me he can’t help me any further. 

When I asked why, he just told me that he’s too busy and if I need more guidance, I should buy some of his books and courses. I had just paid the guy $15000! He didn’t even apologize. Setting up my business online wasn’t even the pain point for me. I wanted to know how I should go about it, promote it, and generate leads online. But all he did was recommend me WordPress and a hosting service. 

I didn’t pay him $15000 just so he can tell me something I already knew. Who does he think he is? 

When I asked him if he could help me with more questions, he told me no. He started making various excuses and after that conversation, he even stopped replying to me. I had paid him $15000! And that was not to teach me the basic stuff. If you pay someone that big an amount, you don’t expect them to give you excuses like ‘I don’t have time to answer your questions’. That’s unprofessional.

I guess Aurelius doesn’t know much about online businesses and he is just scamming others through his useless coaching. You shouldn’t risk your money with that guy.

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