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1st May, 2022

Never Rent From Them, They Are A Mechanic Store.

NEVER Rent from Bab Al Madeena, it’s a mechanic store renting old vehicles.

I was in Dubai in Feb. 2022 and found them online, the salespeople were very good at convincing me, the car I was given was a 2015 Kia Picanto with more than 150000.00 Miles which was fine until I drove it from Dubai to Abu Dhabi this is when the engine started to shut off completely on the freeway where the speed is about 160 km/hour.

Thankfully I didn’t get into an accident, I called them and they advised me to visit their store, a young kid looked into it and said it was the fuel pump! he went to another similar car uninstalled the old pump and reinstalled it on the one I have, (using a hammer and screwdriver), then said I should be ok, the same problem happened again this is when I threatened them to call the Dubai police so they replaced the Kia with a Mitsubishi Mirage little better than the Kia.

At the end of the rental period, I asked to refund my $400 deposit and this is another nightmare they started to say we have to see if you have tickets and wait for 21 business days, which was OK then after 37 days they asked for my bank account, I said please refund to the same credit card and they refused.

I have a one-speed ticket of $100 but they refunded me $245 without justifying the difference, only said the difference is admin fees.

In general, they are all rude mechanics and don’t know anything about customer service

Each time I contact them to ask a question, they say please remind us in a few days.

Thank you.

Abboud Khallouf

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