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8th Jan, 2022

DO not use this COMPANY - SCAMMERS!

This company is a SCAM!
Promises advertisements for golf courses and never produces.

This company targets businesses for ”exclusive advertisements” on golf course score cards– guaranteed to every individual playing. ”Everyone will see it”.
I made the payment for their advertising services and never saw nor received any information about the finished advertisement in place.
I attempted to call on numerous occasions and “Casey Evans – project manager” always had a full voicemail and never returns calls. I asked to allow me to see the advertisement in place. My calls and emails were never answered.

The thing that made me realize and be most suspicious is when he did call – at the end Aug/Sept and my credit card attempted to be charged AGAIN – supposedly for the 2022-23 season.

I was never shown the finished product. I could never access the ”Advertisement” in the golf course guide, even though I went directly to the golf course itself.

I tried at least 10 phone calls to try to reach Casey Evans of Bench Craft Company for a refund of a non-existent product.

This company is running a scam and I want others to be aware!!

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