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4th Mar, 2022

Ron Bensimon & Kate Bensimon are scamming people

The Bensimons are scammers. Be careful

After over 14 months of back and forth with Ron & Kate Bensimon, it is safe to assume that they scammed me for over USD 51,050 for an engagement ring I paid for and never received it till date.

Long story short, After over 6 months of following up & him dodging my calls and refraining to send any proof of the diamond, he agreed to handover the diamond in Hong Kong. I organized pickup through a professional Jeweler in Dubai to collect the diamond but Ron never showed up and kept stalling us. Ofcoarse Ron lied about that and never delivered the stone. He finally agreed to send me a refund for the money i paid ( now that he knows other jewelers from the industry are aware of what happened) and Guess what? he lied about that too and forged fake TT slips.
He has over and over blocked our calls and blackmailed us not to refund our money, unless we remove the google reviews.

Ofcourse I have ALL documents, correspondence and all info proving the ordeal my wife and I went through.

Ron Bensimon pulled the scam off with the support of his wife Kate Bensimon. She was the owner of the company BENSIMON ONLINE PTY LTD that they both use to operate ( at least in my case). . They both have a colorful history of bad business. Look into both of them before deciding to work with them.

Anyone who needs to know more can reach out to me and I will gladly share my experience with them.

People like Ron & Kate Bensimon should not get away with scamming innocent people’s savings.

Please do your own research before purchasing anything from overseas sellers.

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