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23rd Mar, 2022

Terrible Customer Service Experience - STAY AWAY

Ordered a hat.
A simple hat.
No special embroidery or anything.
Just a hat.

After the order I asked via chat if it would be there by Saturday.

They told me that was “impossible”.
I thought “oh well, I’ll still get the hat I want at some point”.

I woke up the next morning to an email notification of a cancelled order.

When I asked about their customer service policies in the chat, if they had it in their manual to cancel customer orders without explicit instructions or talking to the customer first, they basically told me to go away.

They were downright rude.

They were so incensed by my questions that they appear to have gone so far as to block access to their website.

I’ve never, ever experienced as negative an interaction with an online vendor as I have with this one.

Looking at BBB and other reviews, this appears to be a recurring theme.

Whoever is running customer service seems to have issues dealing with customers.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with them, but I’d take my business anywhere else before I tried to give these people any of my money.

Run fast, run far, do NOT do business with this company.

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