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This article will be an informal guide to explain how to make an Incident Report more effective. We do this AFTER explaining the ingridients of an Incident Report posted on NAS, as explained at This same information will also be posted at . However, on this article, we explain this in much detail with tips to ensure it ranks high on Google (without revealing that as our intention)

The important aspects we need to cover are - 

1- The benefits of accurate information, especially FULL NAME, and as much specific information that can identify that entity beyond any doubt. Information such as name, category, website/email/phone , and location can help pinpoint the entity and remove any resonable doubt.

2- Choosing an attractive and descriptive TITLE to get attention.

3- Adding up to 3 tags which describe the nature of the incident report (like scam, fraud etc), and how it'll help associate the incident to a certain 'type'

4- Adding 'monetary' loss will complement your complaint with a reported loss, to back up your claim.

5- featured image is for aesthetics, and helps social sharing

6- Most important section - the report . key points include - 

  • minimum 200 words 
  • Truth is your biggest asset
  • the kind of language
  • stiling to the facts, and even though one may exaggerate, but must never lie.
  • follow our TOS and must abide by the rules and terms mentioned for NAS
  • be descriptive. The smallest of details could be useful for a fellow member
  • be bold, honest, frank and speak your mind. We got your back.

7- Evidence box - Explain how this is the deal-clincher for them. The more evidence they are able to back up their claims with, the more chances of an actual action in their favor.




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  • 13th Oct, 2018

Is og.kush190 real or a scammer on instagram? Aka OG Kush

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