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There is a lot more than what meets the eye when it comes to checks and balances at We havean entire section on checks and balances at

We understand what's at stake here, and how people would want, and try to manipulate the system at NameandShame. There will be a large number of skeptics who would be worried about how we process and moderate the reports and other activities on the website. 

We do not endorse or certify the truthfulness of any content posted by the end user. We do not edit, alter or create any report. The reports are published as originally submitted.

As part of our checks-and-balances policy, we screen each report for possible spam. We also do not allow duplicate reports or any obvious attempt to spam mass-post and target anyone for malicious reason. To achieve this, we identify each machine ID and disallow posting more than 3 reports in a single day

We cannot verify each report. We do not attempt to. Its not feasible. But we do take steps to ensure that complaints of serious nature(sex-offenders, convicted criminals etc) can only be published if accompanied by evidence of any sort.

We have no intentions to run any consumer-advocacy program to make/extort money to remove any content. To dissuade any attempt and for the sake of transparency, we will publish all attempts to bribe us, threaten us or legally pressurize us.

Our system detects plagiarism, IP fraud, Spam and over a dozen other factors to prevent misuse.

Also worth mentioning that ALL our moderators are members of the public. No single moderator has the powers to affect any content or action on NameandShame. It's like a jury. At least 3 moderators are required to agree in order to take action and decisions. Not even an Admin can override or veto this. 

Mention about the transparency report as well, on how we disclose all the DMCA requests, Legal Requests, Bribe and Threats and Hack Attacks on NameandShame Transparency Report Section.

[[ more explanation to suggest that we try our best to ensure that only the most relevant reports/content are permitted, and abuse of our platform is kept at a minimum.

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