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This is the official beta version of During the next few months, we will be inviting people to browse through the website and give us feedback. Over this time, we will be committed towards fine tuning the website and strengthening the foundation of this platform. We will review inputs and try to incorporate relevant ideas. If you come across any bugs or technical glitches, please inform us of the same. You will be doing us a huge favor.


The entire launch of NAS has been structured in 4 phases - 


Phase 1: INITIATION. This is where we are today. The launch is an MVP version with core features. We aim to raise this platform from the ground up and will continue refining existing features and eliminate bugs.

Phase 2: IMPROVEMENT. Now that the core structure is in place, we will gradually add GenNext features that will ensure there is tangible action taken on an incident report. While features like ‘Resolve Report’, ‘Follow Report’, ‘Challenge Report’ and ‘Private Messaging’ will help establish communication, advanced tools like ‘Boycott’, ‘Petition’, ‘Identify’, etc. will help create a mass movement against the business in question.

Phase 3: INTEGRATION. This phase will take web activism into hitherto unchartered territory to maximize its coverage and reach. NAS will not only be available through mobile apps but APIs and plugins will also be provided for webmasters, WordPress, and more, making us a social media tool in itself for web activism.

Phase 4: INDEPENDENCE. This is when we hand over the entire ownership of NAS to the community - you will be free to run, manage and propagate the platform. We will be setting up an apparatus that would fund the existence of this platform for smooth functioning for decades to come. This means NAS will be ageless and exist forever, independent of me and you.


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  • 10th Oct, 2016

For the last 2yrs, I've been toying with setting up something similar in Australia to what you have here. Appears your laws make it lots easier than our would have. Well done!!!! My thoughts were initially to set up a place where sick people could list how badly they were treated by their Dr, their specialist, etc during the process of getting diagnosed and treated so that others wouldn't waste their prescious time and money on an a******e who would only harm them more. One item I was considering as a coloured "validity" bar. Something like "Red for many people reporting this person", "Orange for a handful people reporting this person" and "Yellow for a few people reporting this person" so you can see in an instant how reliable the report may be. I am puzzled however, how it is, that you will be able to stop people from adding a report that is not true, just to destroy a persons reputation. It will be so easy to abuse.

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