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Fear of backlash is one of the reasons why people prefer to be silent against wrongdoing. Since NAS motivates you to come forward and speak against injustice on its platform, it is our responsibility to secure your identity.

Email IDs and IP address are the only data which can be used to identify you. On registration, our systems instantly shield your IP address and convert it into a MachineID before moderators and other members can access it. Similarly, your email is automatically encrypted. This data can never be decrypted.

For those accustomed to creating usernames reflecting their identity, we automatically create a random user ID for you. On publishing the report, you will solely be known by that ID, and not your choice of username or email.

For the privacy conscious, we suggest accessing NAS via The Onion Router (TOR) that enables users to communicate anonymously on the internet.

In circumstances where we do receive a valid civil subpoena, the member will be notified and given 10 business days to take further action. Other than compelling situations where information is sought immediately, we will not do so. Mere receipt of a subpoena does not necessarily mean we are bound to comply.

We are based out of Europe and NAS is hosted in a pro-privacy protecting jurisdiction of Sweden. Rest assured, your privacy and our data are in safe hands.

NAS ensures that all bases are covered to keep you secure.

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