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Name and Shame



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15th Feb, 2022

Give me my money back!

I have been dealing with a sore jaw, 2 infections and inability to eat on my right side since such a long time when this chop shop was supposed to do a simple crown!

2 different dentist, 3 different specialist and they still couldn’t get it right!

All I want is my money back to go to another dentist that is NOT a production line and can actually solve all the problems I now have.

They refuse to reimburse me

They have the audacity to demand I go back in!

Why would I go back? For another cut in my mouth? Another infection? More pain? Prolonging the inconvenience? They shaved it down so much that crown is no longer good! The crown is only in place with temporary glue and I haven’t been able to eat on that side!

They also say that you signed the forms, so it doesn’t matter! They lost my trust!

They are not honest people and don’t genuinely care for the patients! Just an assembly line and a quick dollar to them!

Give me my money back

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