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17th Dec, 2020

Association with Shady Chinese Companies

Bravia Capital


Bharat Bhise has been recklessly taking advantage of paid media and using it to hide his past affiliation with Chinese business moguls. He has been their go-to guy for shady deals and there has been a lot of coverage of all this but you won’t see it anywhere.

The brands he has worked with either filed for bankruptcy or are fugitives. Not only this but he has clear ties with Vijay Mallya, a financial criminal from India who fled to the UK.

After earning millions from shady deals Bharat Bhise has started his new venture, Bravia Capital. It is nothing but a shell company for him and his family to turn his black money into white. The company consists of only his close accomplices and family.

As you can see in the screenshot above, Bravia Capital has removed its team page as they do not want people to associate Bravia Capital with Bharat Bhise. But by using the Web Archive, we can see that almost all the executive staff is in relations with Bharat Bhise:


He has done deals with companies in various industries, however most of his money comes from chinese companies which allegedly use child labor and violate human rights.

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