Name and Shame
Name and Shame



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ralph sui juris- free man on the land
15th Oct, 2022

Identity theft, fraud, robbery

While employed with clients at address, Mary and Frank Schettini mysteriously my Van filled with tools and personal property was stolen on 221 Lafayette street at Williston park New York.
Police report was created via 911 dispatched emergency.
Had to also contact NRA and USCCA because of a vintage German flare gun handgun that was taken along with personal property.
Started to do my own investigation as I’m a law enforcement investigator.
Took well over a year tracking the master minds involved. Which when located my property was auto stripped and vandalized. Passenger window was shattered broken.
BRIAN BORRA, ET AL got caught using my business phone number on the van pretending to be the owner of all the stolen property. With a Police report .
Mysteriously 4 times also the house side windows and back windows were opened, witnesses caught two individuals attempting to go into the window.
Daughter claimed items were missing and another police report was generated.

What these crooks do is they case out neighborhoods, “Premeditated “ there criminal conspiracy then they will actually take all efforts to steal whatever they can.
Tools, automobiles, guns, you”ll have to ask them items they prefer to steal.
Two individuals did not cooperate with the detective when asked nicely to return stolen properly.
Respectfully Submitted and
Without Prejudice
Det. ralph ruggerio UCC 1-308