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23rd Mar, 2022

Completely unsatsified

I am very dissatisfied with my experience with this company. The actual sofa itself is beautiful but the customer service provided is far from great. I purchased this sofa approximately 4 years ago and spent quite a bit of money doing so. Recently, the material has started ripping in between where chaise and the sofa meet. I contacted the company to request that they send a technician to come and repair the sofa at my expense so that I could ensure that I could maintain the longevity of the sofa. My experience with the call is as follows:

I call the number provided only to have the other end picked up by a random person who does not identify themselves or the company. After speaking to this individual five times, he advised that his name was Yen (sp?).

I explained to him my situation and he asked me to email him photographs of the damage in order to provide an estimate for the repair. I did so and did not hear back for a number of days.

I followed up and was advised that he had to contact the technician in order to provide the photographs in order to get an estimate for the repairs. He said he would follow up but never did.

I contacted him again, and asked for an update. He advised that he would contact the technician to see what was going on and would update me. He never did.

I contacted him again today, and he advised that he would provide me with the technician’s phone number so that now I can contact the technician on my own. He said he would provide the number within half an hour and it has been 2 hours since I’ve spoken to him.

I tried contacting him again today, and now my calls just go straight to voicemail.

I find this company to be extremely unprofessional. The service has gone down since purchasing our couch a few years ago. I feel as though if you’re going to be spending money on a custom couch, I would advise that you purchase it from a company who makes customer service a priority, especially when you’re dropping thousands of dollars on furniture. It’s a simple request to get an estimate in order to pay for repairs at my own expense, and yet it’s difficult to even receive a reply.

I eventually received the name of their technician and their number however they did not respond to the call.

I contacted another leather technician who has been in the business for a number of years and from the pictures and their experience the advise that the area where the tearing has appeared is actually made of vinyl and not leather. I advise that it cannot be true because we purchased a leather couch and the leather technician confirmed that it is common for furniture manufacturers to advertise it as leather but in fact make the sides out of vinyl.

This is a clear misrepresentation of their product as when we asked to purchase a leather couch this is what they provided us. They failed to advise that any portion of the couch was made out of leather even though we asked what the differences were between their Italian leather couch and their genuine leather couches. It is clear that they are scamming their customers and it is not right especially when you are paying a significant amount of money for the furniture.

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