Name and Shame
Name and Shame


Because the accused, has the right to confront its accuser …

Set the record Straight
Our platform gives both the accuser, and the accused, several options to post a grievance, or a rebuttal. Our belief is that publishing your review is merely the first step. It will take more than that to make sure these businesses notice you. And we have some great ideas and features to make sure you succeed.

Verify Your Business Profile

Create a profile for your business to protect it from unfair and false complaints. We want to give the voice to both parties of the ‘provider-consumer’ process, so you will have a say in case of false accusations and a chance to solve an issue in case there actually is one.

Post Official Rebuttals

In case of an unfair or false complaint, you can post an official rebuttal on behalf of your company. NameandShame is meant to support fair relationships between consumers and businesses based on trust and mutual respect. Just as there are unfair businesses, there are also unfair consumers, so you can always defend the interests of your company when it’s wrongly accused.

Get Notified on New Activity

Having a business account on NameandShame allows you to get notifications about new activity associated with your business. This allows you to stay up to date with the issues your consumers may have with your products or services and, at the same time, not let false accusations gain more attention than they should.

Resolve the complaints

As a responsible manager, you want to follow up with unhappy customers and make sure the issues they have with your company are resolved. There is always a way of making things right and you have the chance to do it at NameandShame.
Why should you claim your business profile
Get your business account to get access to exclusive features. Tell everyone how serious you are about resolving consumer issues, controlling the narrative and establishing trust.

Challenge Unsubstantiated Complaints

Coming soon
Unsubstantiated, unfair, and false complaints are a thing. You can address such complaints here directly and rehabilitate your business's reputation and image.

Contact Your Accuser Privately

Coming soon
While you can respond to complaints in the comment section, you can also contact your accusers directly and have the issue figured out in private. This way you will be able to get to the root of the problem and, subsequently, eradicate it in the future.

Delayed Publishing of New Complaints

Active participation and solving complaints posted against your company allow to have a delay in new complaint publishing. This will allow you to recuperate after solving previous issues and challenging unsubstantiated complaints before getting to the new ones.

Only Verified Users Can Publish New Complaints

One of the things businesses can be concerned about is the same person publishing complaints from various unverified accounts. If you have a verified business account, only verified NameandShame users can post complaints against your company, which secures your business from spam complaints.
Fix the problem. not the blame
Businesses are so worried about getting blamed for things that they won’t admit to them.
NameandShame believes that the key to any successful problem resolution lies not in
assigning blame but in fixing the problem.