Name and Shame

Tim Ferriss

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Do you believe what you see? (Then don’t)

After a successful spell in his first book, Tim Ferriss took another chance in making a fool out of people. With employment discussed, he put his focus onto the body transformation and health of an individual that was a pretty smart move. I, too stood victim of this book as it always is the desire of a person to get healthier and muscular. This desire was what stood essential for Tim to use as much as he can for getting his product sold. For that, he went as far from the truth as he could and even used fake before and after pictures to prove his point. 

Tim supposedly claimed in his book to gain 34 pounds of muscle in an article discussing his second book. Without any sports drug and special technology, it deems to be impossible for a person to gain that much amount of muscle. I had particularly searched a lot before getting into a conclusion over this fact discussed by Tim. For me, it was at first something that I definitely would fall for but soon everything was pretty clear. The mind-blowing transformation that has been claimed at many different places by Tim is truly exaggerating. There is nothing that could've made it possible even with the most perfect conditions. At times, over-exaggeration can lead us to lies. This is what happened with Tim too. With the claim of losing fat, he also stated that he got his waist increased by almost 2 inches. This is certainly impossible to consider that with losing fat, he got his waist increased. This made his transformation a complete joke for the readers including me.

Whilst discussing the chicane Tim Ferriss had been selling for almost two decades, for now, we see an excerpt below showing his body transformation.

It particularly is a complete fake predicament that is clear to everyone who puts more eyes into the pictures. These pictures have a lot of problems involved with it. The pictures are taken at different a distance which particularly is to show the difference in his body. After I did this thing on purpose too, it came to my knowledge that different distances make our bodies look different with bigger muscles. But, the conditions are certainly the same. This is what is evident in Tim's photos too. To make his photos look real, he might've shaved his body but it never made any difference. With having our hair removed, the muscular definition looks bigger. These are certain illusions that he had been creating for a lot of time. Another illusion he created with these in plates was with his legs and shorts. With having his thighs exposed, it makes it look bigger in pictures. With all his claims and the pictures he had shown as a result of the suggestions he followed from his book, it was just a marketing stunt that pretty much went wrong when judged over the facts. He is a deception deliberately practicing ways for securing unfair gains.

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