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I, Syed Ali Mohammed Faris – Sri lankan citizen age 57 worked in ‘Khalifa Al-Saif Motors’ (Franchise Jaguar Land Rover in Saudi Arabia) for last 17 years as stock controller. I was terminated in Dec 2010 without one month notice period and service benefits for 17 years worth about SR 40,000 ($10,666). I kept on following up with

  • Report #5YCON
  • Reporter NIANDYDEFO
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There’s not much to pick between scam artists and criminals. The con artists use different techniques or use existing ones in a different way. My name is Steve and I’m about to share a painful experience with you. I’d always thought I can handle con artists. There was a time when I laughed at others for not acting smart and lett

  • Report #5YCNB
  • Reporter TRADWINEYW
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  • $50,000 Reported Loss

Sometimes, all it takes is one stupid move. That’s all it takes for you to lose $50,000 to a bunch of fucking assholes. When you don’t check to see where your money goes, and when you don’t do a thorough background check on the bastards you’re paying, this is what happens. I learnt this the hard way, all thanks to Modo NYC. This

  • Report #5YCHN
  • Reporter RINEWIGIBL
  • 58
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Hammonds Furniture Ltd is probably the biggest scam company that anyone can ever come across in their lives. They lie to your face just so that they can rip you off your money. You won’t know this because they will sweet talk you to such an extent that you will believe that they are god’s little angels. They have no regard for h

  • Report #5YCES
  • Reporter IVERTANDAI
  • 414
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We had moved into a new house in 2011. We were looking for a company to help us refurnish the whole place. We lived not too far away from the coast, so we wanted to ensure that the house always had a good sea breeze passing through. That’s what prompted us to go check out new types of windows and stuff like that. Let me tell you

  • Report #5YCH2
  • Reporter CKBRATENDP
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