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Damien Elston has been arrested 3 times, Yes there are 3 mug shots. He is a liar, claims to have sold 300 million when he was nothing more than a sales person at a seminar company. Damien is nothing but a charlantan pretending to be successful. Beware he will tell you he is all around the world he is not. Sharon McLoughin who cl

  • Report #5YD4O
  • Reporter BOANSAKWOL
  • 184
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  • 1
  • $55,000 Reported Loss

JT FOXX HAS SUED ME TWICE !!!  He states clearly in his Blogg that Anybody who claims they have the RIGHTS to excercise their FREEDOM OF SPEECH, him and his lawyers beg to differ. I did that on my FB page in April, May, June (its open to the public for all to read) he then attacked me over & over publicly on FB and also anyo

  • Report #5YD4N
  • Reporter DRENCOPELS
  • 224
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  • $1,000,000,000 Reported Loss

this 2d site is not good   the customer supporter is told something on the phone and chatted on the whatsapp also   dont do the 2d with this company   i will pass the message in the social media and the interpol also that you are cheating the customers, and not giving the reply for the emails. and also not receiving the money fr

  • Report #5YD49
  • Reporter NCESPATICI
  • 99
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  • $14,500 Reported Loss

In 2012 I was a HGV lorry driver and whilst away all week I lived in a Mobile Home 36 foot  three bedrooms  That I had aquired whilst away working for wich I paid £ 3,500. in 2013 I had an accident whilst at work falling from a 40 foot trailor that ripped my cartlidge and damaged my right hip. I was advised That I could retire

  • Report #5YD46
  • Reporter CISITENSYC
  • 85
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  • $50 Reported Loss

Stay away from Sharis Berries!Reported Loss = $50.00 I ordered chocolate covered strawberries for a client from Shari’s Berries — When I entered the delivery address, their site showed me a preferred address that was not remotely close to the delivery address I indicated. But I liked the product and the prices

  • Report #5YCXG
  • Reporter HODECTALIO
  • 83
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Showing 1 – 5 of 105
Showing 1 – 5 of 105