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This is a nasty bullying company that is all over the net for having done to people what they did to me so please stay the hell away. I responded to a Craings List ad for a UK sales person selling into the US at $15.00 per hour. At first all seemed OK. They wanted to have me sell to major accounts in the fast food industry and

  • Report #5YCOV
  • Reporter ERODINTHER
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I’m a manager of a small company and was using for online marketing. The company as I was told was one of the best and was also used by LinkedIn, which is one of the top most social networks used. I too wanted to market online so I hired for it and was hoping for some good work done. But there wer

  • Report #5YC8K
  • Reporter ORMORAMONO
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Jim West of Equitrade International is the worst businessman you could ever come across. In fact it is an insult to call him a businessman; he is a brutal thief, an arrogant cheap pig who does shitty business each day.  I have had a good experience with barter business companies so far and I was expecting a similar experience w

  • Report #5YC8Z
  • Reporter MBURNWACET
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  • $82,000 Reported Loss

I am Mark; my heart aches while writing down here because I have been robbed of by this scoundrel thief Charles Boyd. He has run away with my $82000 leaving me with no business and no money.   He is supposed to be a business dealer but all he does is robbing people and running away. I met him in January 2016 where he was suppo

  • Report #5YCB0
  • Reporter EDEMBUTOMI
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  • $1,200 Reported Loss

I've used for a long time. The rules in their online terms of service for each deal say that a room will accomodate up to 2 adults.  For a recent business trip I had to travel with another adult colleague and we tried to use to reserve the room. Going along with the idea that a room that will accomod

  • Report #5YC45
  • Reporter REBYLOODUE
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Showing 1 – 5 of 56