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  • $3,000 Reported Loss

Avoid International Career Institute. Stay far far away. Here's why -   You need to look for accreditation in learning opportunities. You can gladly pay me tens of thousands of dollars for me to “teach” you anything. The problem is, am I recognized and accepted to teach or am I just some guy who wants you to pay me? Years ag

  • Report #5YD55
  • Reporter ONESITYCIA
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  • $1,545 Reported Loss

Dayna Martin is not what she says she is. I am Mona and both my kids have followed the unschooling method of learning. They both have been home schooled. I have been following Dayna since quite some time now and she seemed to have good ideas and faith about radical unschooling. I don’t intend to be a bitch but this woman is all

  • Report #5YCKW
  • Reporter GUNIGARION
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Showing 1 – 2 of 2