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I was introduced into this Ponzi scheme a year ago thinking there is transparency and truth here. I have introduced 2 more people and when we are unable to promote this business further, I requested for our initial deposits and was met by some impossible answers, which was to pay in 7000 Euros each to get our deposits back. I

  • Report #5YD38
  • Reporter RODESCROWE
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  • $20,000 Reported Loss

I was offered a bank instrument sblc for my clients by the Company on a contract with agreed fees for the swift ( at no time where any other fees mentioned )  to be sent from HSBC to one client in Korea the other in Pakistan ...they where very friendly and they seemed to have good credibility, the fees where 10k for each client

  • Report #5YD1Q
  • Reporter NGATOGREEM
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I ordered a purse in Feb. 2 days later it broke. I have called your number 22 times and no one will call me back. I want my money back or a new purse. call me @ 316-570-9145. I don’t want to call Better Bussiness. But I will. I will give you till this Friday.. If I do not here from you buy then I will call them. So Call me at 3

  • Report #5YCZH
  • Reporter ROODYMPLAG
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In late December 2015, I decided to take out a short-term title loan on my vehicle for $6,500 to cover an upcoming business expense. As a small business owner, sometimes there is a little too much red tape at the bank (even if you have a good credit rating, which I do) and things take a little too long to approve through that ro

  • Report #5YCZ7
  • Reporter CHENTEBRIM
  • 28
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I decided to invest $60,000, not understanding the whole company is a fraud. At the time it had my trust, even though I was very cautious. I did trading with it for nine months. Then the main guy I was dealing with did a trade with the total amount on Bitcoin, and I lost the lot. Then, I was contacted by a recovery expert from H

  • Report #5YCP6
  • Reporter IBUCTRANSO
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Showing 1 – 5 of 274
Showing 1 – 5 of 274