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CLINIMINDS organization is a HUGE SCAM. Fellow students and job seekers, please be aware of them! Never trust them, and NEVER give them anything in advance, especially not your money! I’ve heard that these are the same group of fraudsters who are running Clinbiotech. Who knows how many fake companies they’ve opened so far. Ther

  • Report #5YC94
  • Reporter BEGONARLYS
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  • 0 mite sound all fancy schmancy bt let me warn u dat I hv been dealin wit dem since two yrs nw n its been absolutely horrible bein in biznes wit dem. Dey wil suck u dry til ur last penny n den ask fr sum mo’. Y do such bizness exist n y don’t ppl complain to d authorities abt such nonsense franchise models da

  • Report #5YC3Y
  • Reporter CIPPLAXIST
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In July 2012 I was ordered by the law-court to sign up for rehab because of my drug addiction. Narconon was said to be the best rehab centre, so my parents admitted my in the facility. But let me highlight the actuality of the centre, it is nowhere in comparison to how they portray the place. It is horribly dirty and filthy. Th

  • Report #5YCBM
  • Reporter PERRINUREN
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I learned about the WinOptions brokerage firm via an ad online. I found many interesting reviews about their trades and since I was a new trader, I was looking for the simplest brokage firm that was available. Simple in the sense that I needed everything just visible and available with little efforts, searching no tab, everythin

  • Report #5YCBD
  • Reporter NIANDYDEFO
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We have all heard of all those wonder drugs that can apparently make you lose weight if you eat one after dinner every night. Or no diet plan, nor workout weight loss programs. I don’t think these things have ever worked for anyone. But we want to believe that we can lose weight easily, without having to sweat it out. It never h

  • Report #5YCCN
  • Reporter SWENCTIOUS
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Showing 1 – 5 of 28