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Recently I tried to access a 30 day free trial with the above product. My credit card number was declined. I rang their contact number, but my phone carrier (Krogan) refused to put the call thru leaving the following message. 'You are trying to make a phone call that Kogan has blocked'. (fairly self-explanatory I thought). Later

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  • Reporter ASMAOTSENT
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RUN AWAY from Debra Tri, ARNP! This was the most HORRIFIC EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFE! Debra Tri LACKS skill and is dishonest.  I was left with hard BUMPS and LUMPS from Debra Tri’s injections. I had constant burning and discharge from her injections. Debra Tri doesn’t know what the hell she is doing. I went initially because it was C

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  • Reporter AILATIONDO
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When a father with access to so much money decides to give up on a troubled child, what does that tell you? Let me try to get to the bottom of this by telling you a bit about this scumbag parent. Bob Duggan a.k.a Robert Duggan who is a billionaire has built his empire in the pharmaceuticals industry with his company Pharmacyclic

  • Report #5YC83
  • Reporter NTABSOLDET
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CLINIMINDS organization is a HUGE SCAM. Fellow students and job seekers, please be aware of them! Never trust them, and NEVER give them anything in advance, especially not your money! I’ve heard that these are the same group of fraudsters who are running Clinbiotech. Who knows how many fake companies they’ve opened so far. Ther

  • Report #5YC94
  • Reporter BEGONARLYS
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  • 0 mite sound all fancy schmancy bt let me warn u dat I hv been dealin wit dem since two yrs nw n its been absolutely horrible bein in biznes wit dem. Dey wil suck u dry til ur last penny n den ask fr sum mo’. Y do such bizness exist n y don’t ppl complain to d authorities abt such nonsense franchise models da

  • Report #5YC3Y
  • Reporter CIPPLAXIST
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Showing 1 – 5 of 55
Showing 1 – 5 of 55