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A few years ago, I invested in a flat in Hurghada. It was a short term project. I thought it was going to end in some months. Well, it’s still not over! Two years passed since then. I bought an apartment in Hurghada in the hope of a big profit. Investing in real estate seemed to be a high-profit project in Egypt because the pri

  • Report #5YCA9
  • Reporter NFIETCHILL
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  • $35,000 Reported Loss

If destiny or adventurism take you some day to Sri Lanka, be sure not to do any type of business with Vajira House Builders and their owner Mr. Chandima Rupasinga! My job took me to Colombo, Sri Lanka 3 years ago, and my agony is still present! I sleep really poorly, I've lost almost 30 pounds because of stress, my hair has tur

  • Report #5YC91
  • Reporter COGRANDIST
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We are all aware of the real estate scams and so many other scams going on but we still end up getting into trouble. Hi, I’m Robin and I just got myself involved in a real estate scam. Scott Veerkamp and his team deal in real estate that is buying and selling of houses. Now we, I mean my wife and I already had a house but we w

  • Report #5YCAR
  • Reporter CATINUNDEN
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Buying a home in Arizona is hard enough without having to deal with people scamming you at every turn. Unfortunately, this is just what we had to deal with when we set out to buy our dream home back in April 2014. To start with, everything seemed fine. We were very happy with the home that VIP homes was going to build for us. W

  • Report #5YC95
  • Reporter RPOREADERU
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I came across this shitty rental listing portal named American standard online. They place ads in craigslist and others worldwide for rental properties. I was looking for a property for myself and I came across dis portal. Here they’ve mentioned no addresses or any specific information about the properties listed. Only a phone

  • Report #5YCAY
  • Reporter ULATOMETED
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Showing 6 – 10 of 44
Showing 6 – 10 of 44