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I’m a 27-year-old disabled graduate. Since I have trouble commuting I started looking at work from home options that when I came across Brown Staffing Services. I mailed them an enquiry about the services they offer at their email id [email protected] I got a prompt reply from a Kelly Simmons. She sends me a form

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  • Reporter LETABLERST
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DirectBuy is a rip off! My husband and I have been members for 2 years now, we did get influenced by their advertisement and purchased the membership but we never actually used the benefits, etc. To those who don’t know about DirectBuy, here’s the reality. DirectBuy is only meant for rich people, their furniture is expensive an

  • Report #5YC84
  • Reporter TAPPSTRAPE
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Greenberg & Hoeschen LLC are wolves in sheep’s clothing, once they lure u in be assured they will con you and scam you and lead u to debt and bankruptcy I’m a 40-year-old developer and was looking for finances for my project in Chile, that’s when I met Joshua Schultz of DRMR Development. He was a smooth talker and he said h

  • Report #5YC3W
  • Reporter WARTUGHOBL
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Wanted to share my experience with Brown Staffing Solutions located at Michigan on how I was scammed by these bunch of criminals. In case some of you haven't heard about this fraud technique or these pieces of garbage from Brown Staffing Solutions – read these lines carefully! Some time ago, I saw an ad about a company who bas

  • Report #5YC7M
  • Reporter XHIPHYDRAC
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I WAS a small company OWNER and I wanted to secure my future with an apartment building in Beaver Creek skiing center. I had an idea of building a 35-apartment building, to sell 20 of them and then rent the other 15 to cover the expenses of the mortgage.   It was a solid plan but I needed financial help. I was $1.5 million sho

  • Report #5YC77
  • Reporter OEINELLEGL
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