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This man and his family are known scammers from hutton area in essex uk.also known to be around london area His family are all known and his kid is a scumbag to. He is well known to police as a fruadster thief and druggy a real lowlife. They  are known to steal from charity and are just nasty people They are known to be sellin

  • Report #5YCOZ
  • Reporter LUGGALVAGE
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I joined Mobe in 2015 the cost was $49 for this I had a coach and you have to do a 21 step video course. Only two videos are opened per day on video6 I was asked for $3420 without payment you cannot go on with the course so I paid, I finished the 21steps and was not happy for the most part all the videos concentrated on recruiti

  • Report #5YCOX
  • Reporter LAYBERTAFF
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If you are unfamiliar with how these frauds work, I will try to simplify it as much as I can. It starts with an email. And I was honestly surprised by the email Real American Fulfillment Inc. sends its victims. It looks really professional and you can tell these guys did their research. They use all the right words and even expl

  • Report #5YC8P
  • Reporter SECTRYTERY
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  • $2,500 Reported Loss

My best friend and I caught up after many years at a college reunion. We hadn’t even spoken to each other in years, and it was a great day. We got talking about families and careers too of course. I had been stuck in a dead end job for a few years at that point. My friend on the other hand was running his own business and he was

  • Report #5YC9M
  • Reporter COUSETHESP
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I ordered a solar panel inverter a month ago from EBay from a seller selling Western Harmonics solar panel. I received a defective one. There was no instruction with regards to installation. It cost me extra to get it installed. After installing it, the person told me that it’s defective and won’t function. I tried working it an

  • Report #5YCAV
  • Reporter GHTEATESSE
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Showing 1 – 5 of 81
Showing 1 – 5 of 81