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3rd Jun, 2022

Still not resolved

You guys have a very pretty site but…

You guys have a very pretty site but crappy customer care sad but very much true !! Date: April 02, 2022 Payment Type: MC ending in 3397 Qty of Items: 4 Order Total: $1,015.84 more details on /order/46093643/. atl-autosports-double-drilled-slotted-brake-rotors and atl-autosports-double-drilled-slotted-brake-rotors then it was shipped april 12 2022 I received 1st package of driver side front an rear waiting on a 2nd package but I was informed by ups driver there was a delay he know me from receiving numbers of packages told me that my package came open and they lost a part so when package did finally get delivered I refused package because it was missing a part that was on 04/18/2022 Now I’ve contacted number of times to get a full run around an still nothing won’t do refund because factory said no refund an I’ve put half parts on car waiting on other parts to compleat my car but I’m willing to take off parts and send back for refund I’m so fed up with this hole situation it’s discussed with all of this bad business sad poor business Then I get a msg from manager trying to blame me for ur guys screwed up ways instead of your business taking the blam which by all means are your fault a 10000%% all a customer has to do is pick a part pay and receive part correct well I haven’t received my parts 2 Months latter going on 3 now WOW THIS IS A BUNCH OF B SHI€¥£€£¥£€ From u guys ## Please Reply ABOVE THIS LINE ##
Dear Christopher,
May 26 2022 6:38pm
Thank you for contacting!

CARiD is currently experiencing higher lead time than normal.

First of all, we are truly sorry for this unsatisfactory experience. I understand it extremely frustrating as you put the trust in us beforehand and we were unable to meet the expectations.

We are actively working on your issue with the manufacturer.

As per MFG:

”Just like the last time I responded to this, the company is moving to a new location and once the machines are up and running, this will be the first order we complete. The fact that this customer refused the product, instead of contacting somebody about missing product does not help the situation. The package sat at our old location for weeks before we even knew what it was.

Additionally, with the email below, this is the first we are hearing that the customer is missing front and rear passenger side rotors. We were first told the missing product was two front rotors. Please confirm that he 100% needs one front and one rear passenger side rotor.

This is also not our fault. All the rotors were sent to the customer and UPS lost one of the rotors.”

Just to make sure you are missing Passenger side Front and Rear?

Please be advise.

Thank you,

Sam Wenceslao
Customer Service Manager
Customer Experience Center
Really asking me what was missing I’ve called at least 28 times being hung up on 6 times all are recorded look at my notes on file asking me a stupid fuc’nn. Question like that not Acceptable in any way type of form this is really sad
Your shipment
1 of 2 Piece Shipment
© Delivered On
Friday, April 22 at 10:11 A.M. at Office
Returned To
Received By:
Proof of Delivery. He received the package as soon as I sent back trying to blame me for making it inconvenient for a customer the worst service I’ve ever had any where an spent a Significant amount of money bullshi/((//)/

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