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31st Jan, 2020

I tried Cason Bo’s Method - He is a LIAR!!!

Cason Bo is a scammer. I bought his course which he calls ‘Easier Than Fiverr’ and it was the worst purchase I’ve ever made.

I took the entire course, in which he claims to teach you a ‘copy-paste method’ to get rich. He says you can just follow his method and easily generate a steady income. It all sounded too good to be true but I really wanted to see if it works. Because if it would’ve worked, I could’ve utilized it fully. I was mistaken. 

Cason’s course teaches you a useless activity. He claims on his webpage that he will teach you an easy method to make money through selling easy services. I was always intrigued by digital nomads and freelancers so I bought his course.

The course wasn’t useful at all. 

Instead, it provided me with useless theory and information. The course is definitely not about the stuff Cason talks about everywhere. He claims to be a best-selling author but he isn’t.

His course was pathetic. He had promised in its web page that he would teach new ways to make money online. But all he did was waste my time.

In his course, there is no mention of this ‘copy-paste method’ of making money. He just reiterates the same stuff you read and hear everywhere- “Work hard and struggle to get rich”. If I wanted to hear that saying, I would’ve talked to my parents or someone old. 

The worst of it all is that his website isn’t even working anymore. After I had taken my course, I wanted to see if I missed anything. But his website, ‘’ is no longer available.

It seems to me that Cason’s course wasn’t even legit. He just sold something useless and made thousands of dollars from it. I’m certain now that all he claims he makes in his YouTube videos and Instagram posts are baseless. There is no truth in them.

Cason’s method of getting rich sucks. He lies everywhere. You should find someone great, someone who knows what they are talking about. 

I checked on different sites and I found that Cason is a big fraudster. Many people criticize his course because it’s misleading. The course doesn’t teach anything valuable and it certainly doesn’t teach you how to make money though the methods he advertises.

Cason should be put in jail because of his scams. 

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