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8th May, 2021

Pays well below minimum wage .

This company pays it's employees well below the minimum wage . They use travelling time to avoid paying the minimum wage . They skim wages every time they have a large bill to pay . They are at present respraying buses blue for the Greenwich university which cost thousands . This company do all the special needs schools in Bexley , Greenwich , Lewisham , sevenoaks and now Kent! They also have commuter coaches which run from sevenoaks to London . All the buses are unfit for the purpose . The coaches water supply which commuters drink is topped up with the cleaning hose .This is also used to clean and top up the toilets! The drivers are told to drop their chemical toilets anywhere they can like on the A21 return motorway in the laybys . They were recently caught by Bexley council doing this at their depot in Crayford DA1 . They advertise on indeed boasting wages that never arise . The wages are ' pay per run ' , this means they pay you whatever they like . It's between £1.80 and £7.00 per hour . It also uses if the child is a walker , if the child is in a wheelchair , how many children , pay per mile , pays you travelling time in order to get away with paying the minimum wage . They will never give contracts or terms and conditions as then they are covered to pay you whatever they want . This is the only company that gives you a pay cut every year . As their bills go up like taxes and rents your wages are deducted so as not to affect their quality of life . Ask anyone who works or has worked for them . The HSE love them and are regular visitors . The vehicles are very very poorly maintained and most are death traps . They send them to a local MOT station where they are passed regardless . They put the buses in with lots of warning light on the dash and they pass ! This leaves the vehicles in a dangerous condition for the road .
They put unqualified and unchecked people on the buses with no experience . This puts children at very high risk of all kinds . This company lies on it's website and steals from it;s employees . Any questions and your sacked! Do not work for these people at any cost!

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8th May, 2021
8th May, 2021

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