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Will May
22nd Jul, 2019

Champ Bulldog, Champsbulldogs, Champs Bulldogs Complaint, Scam , Fraud

My family & I contacted Champ Bulldogs  regarding a puppy I was interested in. It was a white male puppy , said to be sired by Champ Bulldogs Int Champion Boss. A dog that I simply adore! Champ Bulldogs Boss is one of the cutest bulldogs I have ever seen in my life. So we were excited. The person I talked to was Caroline she claimed to work directly Champ Bulldogs / the Wards which are the owners of Champ Bulldogs. 

I was given a lot of information about the Champ Bulldogs history. Information on Champ Bulldogs Boss last litters, health etc. Boss is OFA health tested on many levels as is the mother.  She told me how much the puppies meant to the family and that Boss was older in years so it meant a lot. That thses puppies would always be extremely special to Champ Bulldogs family & kids blah blah.

It took me two days of asking to get the parents AKC reg numbers. I did get them & they are DNA so the pedigree is correct & matched up. But Champ Bulldogs should have given it to me the first time I asked. Not 2 days later! They sent me the liter processing receipt from AKC before I sent my deposit but they didn't send me a photo of my puppies actual papers until AFTER I sent my deposit.  

The vet ChampBulldogs  (Champ Bulldogs ) gave me that my puppy was born at was Crank Animal Hospt. Its a small vet that I would never use. I would only use a large city vet who sees many bulldogs. For a breeder who cares so much as the Champ Bulldogs people say that do I think they should go to a much better known vet!  I give ChampBulldogs  (Champ Bulldogs ) the benefit of the doubt because they showed photos of on their website was absolutely adorable bulldog puppies. I asked a couple times before I got references, finally they sent me multiple references which did check out. I wanted to come pick my puppy up from Champ Bulldogs location. They said that they don't allow home visits for safety reasons unless I prove who I am, send my ID and other jaz. I understand that they have kids & expensive dogs, so you have a safety issue but I wanted to see all the dogs before I put all my personal info out. Also Champ Bulldogs Scott wouldn't even show my what all puppies are avail until I filled out a long puppy approval application about my life, gave them references & photos of my home!. Which I found annoying because I hadn't even seen the avail puppies yet.   

  I did move forward with buying my puppy from Scott who owns Champ Bulldogs. Only after I placed my deposit & did the application did he let us come to his house. We picked out Gus. Gus was way beyond cute , very healthy & we got to meet his parents. WE LOVE GUS BEYOND WORDS. His dad was named Tornado & mom Dora which matched the AKC papers. I never in my life have seen so many beautiful dogs in one place. We got to meet his dad, grandfather, great grand father, great great grandfather. And Gus has been a total joy. He looks like Champ Bulldogs & Shrinkabulls other dogs. We really couldn't be happier with him. He hasn't had any health problems & is unreal healthy for a bulldog. So we arent complaining about Gus in any way.  Just in closing we are happy & would buy from Champ bulldogs again! But our only real complaint is that It was a headache, they make you jump throu so many hoops! I feel like they made buying a dog difficult. but Gus was worth everything. We love him more than world can say. Getting to meet his family was a gem. We made a scrap book.Any one looking to buy from Champ Bulldogs can msg me. I might be abale to save you some time. 

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