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31st Jan, 2022

Mal-Practice by Dr. Edward Nawotka

Tuesday July 20th, I had 3 fillings done on cavities that Dr. Edward Nawotka discovered during his examination on the 16th of July. During the procedure, Dr. Nawotka had a hard time getting I numb with anesthesia, and when I requested he stop for a moment because it was painful, Dr. Nawotka told him to just relax and it wouldn’t hurt, and to stop moving, while making frustrated sighs towards I (who was clearly in pain). Throughout the procedure Dr. Nawotka was rude to his assistant, often berating him in front of I and getting mad at him.

Dr. Nawotka also repeatedly dropped tools on the floor and had to retrieve new ones. At one point, while trying to get (or hand off?) a tool with the assistant, Dr. Nawotka was not paying attention and dropped the drill, which was still on, on I’s face, leaving a cut from below his lip, all the way under his chin (see attached photos). Dr. Nawotka tried to blame I for moving, when he did not move, it was Dr. Nawotka who was reaching over him to get something else, and not looking at where he was aiming the drill.

Dr. Nawotka offered no apology for the cut, or any concern what-so-ever, like recommending an antibiotic cream for the cut, or checking with I about whether he was up to date on his tetanus shot (since he was cut with a metal tool). Thankfully I is up to date on vaccinations, and the cut stopped bleeding with simple first aid treatment, but it could have been much more serious if it had gone deeper, or been closer to the major arteries in his throat.

On Thursday, July 22nd, I went back to the office for a cleaning. One of the fillings in a tooth on the lower left side of his mouth that Dr. Nawotka, has a crown on the tooth next to it. This crown, that I had done in 2019, now has a small hole in it that Kim, the dental hygienist, noticed, which only appeared after Dr. Nawotka had done the filling. It appears that Dr. Nawotka may have slipped with the drill and created this hole in the crown, leading to that crown now needing to be repaired, or replaced. The crown cost around $3500 to have constructed and fitted to this tooth, and is now at risk of needing to be done again as the integrity of the construction has been compromised.

While I had many fillings completed, the ones that Dr. Nawotka did, have also needed to be adjusted, as they are different colors, and do not blend seamlessly with the original tooth, as all his other fillings do.
In general, Dr. Nawotka was rude, not only with I, appearing to mock I for being nervous, telling him harshly to calm down and meditate next time so that it doesn’t hurt so much (when I simply asked Dr. Nawotka to take a break for a moment because he was feeling pain.), he was also rude and short tempered with his assistant and other staff members at the practice.

Leaving I feeling uncomfortable and not at all at ease. His unprofessional manor, and poor work have made it so I no longer wishes to see Dr. Nawotka, or return to his practice, but also needs to see another dentist to have repair work done on the work Dr. Nawotka ”completed” and recovering from a cut on his face.

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31st Jan, 2022

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