Name and Shame
Name and Shame


We have created a series of checks and balances to ensure that your free-speech, privacy and purpose remains protected. Our users are allowed to voice their opinions and share their experiences without any fear of reprisal.

Don't Let it be

At NameandShame, we understand the need to feel safe while fighting the rich, powerful
and corrupt. In this age of cancel culture, not many platforms will accommodate your
critical opinions like we do.

No Censorship

At NameandShame, you have the full freedom of expression as long as it concerns your negative experience with a particular company. You can spill your heart out and let everyone know why dealing with that company isn’t worth it.

Your Data Is Secure

When submitting your complaints to NameandShame, you don’t have to worry about your personal data protection. We want our users to feel safe whenever they post their complaints or leave their comments, so neither companies nor other users can see where you’re from or other sensitive data.

Your Identity Is Private

Keeping the identities of NameandShame users and posters private is one of the key things that make the platform work. So, even if you’re posting a complaint about some market mogul, you shouldn’t worry that they’ll find out, who you are and cause you any trouble.

Create a Permanent Record

Posting a complaint to NameandShame seals its presence on the web. There’s no way it’s going to be removed or hidden from the public view. This also puts a sense of additional responsibility on each poster, since they have to make sure that their complaint is the real deal and deserves public attention.
Community Moderation

Moderation is done by community members, and not by NameandShame staff. This platform exists
for its community, and is managed by the community.

Transparency Reports

While having all of their personal data completely protected, NameandShame users can post any data relevant to their cause. This may include pricing information, images, statistics, documents, or any other piece of information tha you see fit for your complaint. The more applicable data you add to your complaint, the better.

Data Encryption

We want you to feel absolutely secure, while using NameandShame. We want you to know that none of your personal data can be traced since it’s all encrypted and not shared with any third party.

Evidence Box

Attaching additional evidence to your complaint will make it more credible and effective. This way not only you will share your pain and disappointment with someone’s services or products, but will actually provide proof of your claims, thus gaining more exposure and drawing more attention to the issue.

Member Partnership

Our moderators do not have access to your private information, neither can they remove/edit your submissions. If the report is published, it will be published in full and without edits. Your privacy and the content integrity is preserved all the way.
Without Watchdog Platforms Like Us
Impunity becomes the very foundation upon which systems of corruption
are built. And if impunity is not demolished, all efforts to bring an end to
corruption are in vain.