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Name and Shame



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10th Feb, 2022

Buyers and consigners beware

My wife and I live about 2 ½ hours from the Classic cars of Sarasota’s store and decided to make the trip and look at cars in the area.

We meet with the salesmen, Shane who showed us the car. The car looked great but the battery was dead and the car would not start. Shane tried to charge the battery and we waited in the showroom for probably 1 ½ hours while Shane tried 3 different chargers.

While waiting Shane told us that he had spoken to the consigner within the last few days and made them so mad that the consigner called the owner and told him that Shane should be fired and should be working in a fast food restaurant. Shane told us that he was told that he cannot interact with the consigner in the future. We were told that the consigner had 3 cars there to sell.

Shane told us if we were serious buyers he would have to have the owner call the consigner with an offer. We told Shane we had 25k in cash in my pocket, so we were serious and came to buy. The car was listed at $42,500 and we offered 35k. Shane called the owner, he spoke to the consigner who accepted the offer.

Shane congratulated us and sealed the deal with a handshake. Shane could not get the car started and told us he wanted to leave it charging overnight. We told Shane where we live and told him we were coming back to Sarasota on Thursday to see a show.

Shane said that was great and he would get the car running and we could pick it up then. We offer to give Shane money and was told that we will take care of the paperwork on Thursday. We were thrilled, we bought a classic car!

On Tuesday late afternoon Shane called to confirm we were still set to meet at 12pm on Thursday, which I confirmed. Shane than said he hopes the car is not sold by then. I asked Shane what that meant as we had made a deal and even offer to pay for the car on Monday. I told Shane I would wire the money right now and reiterated, do not sell the car as we have a deal. Shane did not want the money and told us he would see us at 12 on Thursday.

Wednesday afternoon Shane called and said that someone at the dealership sold the car. I asked Shane how that was possible as we had a deal. Shane said that he was not at the dealership when it happened. Needless to say, I was very upset as we had offer to pay for the car two times and were lead to believe the car was ours.

I told Shane that we deserved a curtesy before the car was sold and was told that this was our curtesy call. We were then told that they can sell us a different car.

IF YOU ARE A CONSIGNER AT CLASSIC CARS OF SARASOTA, READ THIS. We were looking at the car Shane tried to bait and switch us on before we looked at the car we made the deal on. We were told that that car was not worth the money, Shane pointed out why and bad mouthed the car to help sell the other. If I was a consigner I would expect the sales people push my vehicle and not use it as a pawn the same way they probably used me coming on Thursday to pressure the other buyer into the sale.


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