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3rd Oct, 2021


Cody Busby is charming, ambitious and overconfident in his ability and oversells his business propositions by presenting the opportunity as a “sure thing”. The investor is not given accurate or complete information and is unable to correctly assess the opportunity. As a result, the investors we have spoken to have collectively lost millions of dollars between them.

Here you will find some background information along with testimonials of investors and employees who have been financially hurt by his practices. We hope that this website will serve to prevent future investors and employees falling victim to a similar experience.

Born Cody Nathan Busby

28 July 1979

Edmonton, Canada

Logistics Cody Busby was born and raised in Canada. He spent most of his twenties in Taiwan and was deported in 2009 after being arrested for drug related offences. He then moved to Hong Kong where he spent most of his thirties before relocating to Manila in 2019.

Taiwan days Initially Cody Busby taught English as a foreign language in Taiwan. He later went into selling computer hardware. Cody was also involved in the Taiwan nightclub business. Related to this he was known for hosting parties in his penthouse. In October 2009, the police raided his penthouse party and found large amounts of cocaine. Cody was arrested but never stood trial.

Hong Kong days Cody Busby relocated to Hong Kong after escaping from Taiwan. He arrived on a tourist visa and with little funds. He remained in Hong Kong for 10 years on a tourist visa. During this time, he opened a number of businesses through numerous investments. Most businesses are now insolvent and are no longer operating leaving employees, suppliers, landlords and investors with significant financial losses. Some of these businesses include:

  1. IB distribution – alcohol and seafood distribution
  2. United City Group – alcohol and seafood distribution
  3. Bisque – Lobster restaurant and bar in LKF
  4. Lobster Pot – fast food cafe in Wan Chai
  5. The Poke Co – fast food cafes in Wan Chai, K11 and Sheung Wan

Cody Busby also ran an events company in Hong Kong which organized events such as “The Ship of Fools”.

Philippine days:Cody Busby relocated to Manila in 2019 and is currently on a tourist visa. He was supplying performing acts for the nightclub Cove. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the clubs were not allowed to operate and Cody diverted his business activities to the medical supplies industry. Cody is currently running a medical supplies business under the trading name of First Order Medical


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