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28th Jan, 2022

Avoid CoinList. It is a Scam

I have seen several lawsuits against places like Coinbase and they were for stuff that was no where near as severe as what this place has done. It is called “Coinlist”. They are partnered with some of the biggest names in Cryptocurrency and I’ve even seen stuff about them working with Uber and places such as I assumed that they were legitimate based on everything I had seen about them due to these other large companies promoting them. Plus, they were US based. I was wrong. This place has gave me the most corrupt experience I have encountered in ANY of my investing journeys.

While looking for something like what I have found on the website I am writing this on, I stumbled across hundreds of complaints about them. Many of which are on the same type of subject. Anyway. Here is why I am writing:

1. I found them based on a referral program they advertised. It advises “Invest $100 and we will give you $10”. That is still advertised when you log into their website. I signed up using a referral link. I run a project that reviews programs like this. So, I am very experienced in what not to do when registering (Navigating off the link, things like that). I got signed up but when verifying my account there was an issue with their website. It would ask me to submit my ID, and once I clicked “Browse” to attach the photo – it was just submitting the application. It didn’t even give me the option to find the picture. Basically, Browse Button = Submit.
2. I wrote their support team over it. No response. It reset after 3 weeks, I tried a different web browser & got the same issue. I contacted the support team again, was going to have to wait again, & I managed to find my own resolution by making a “sub account” under my main account (or something like that).
3. It showed that they had $0 available for the bonus. It instructs you to wait until the 1st of the month. I returned exactly on the 1st, invested a little over the $100 (something like $108 just to be sure on fees), and they never paid me out. I wrote support. No answer.
4. A few months later the support team wrote back. They asked if I still needed help. I replied. They still have never responded.
5. I usually review these things as I mentioned above. Well, I decided that maybe the sub account thing or the delay due to their errors had resulted in my not receiving it. So, I referred a friend, gave them the cash to invest, and I had also waited specifically for when they added the funds back. Despite showing money available for weeks after I had her do this referral, neither of us got paid out.
6. Again, the 1st is coming up here shortly. You can try this yourself. I just pulled this link from their website (within my profile). You can see it for yourself and I would wager they will not pay you either.

That is only but one issue. What happens after is even worse. First, they have you invest the $100 and they’re pretty much urging you to do that. Well, if you make that investment you will no longer be able to do anything with it. They will tell you that you cannot withdraw or send it because you don’t have enough. Which makes me wonder why they designated that amount? It has been this way with both mine and my friend’s accounts.

I “staked” my purchase (means to earn interest) and they continuously adjusted the terms on it. It was 36% and you renew it each month at the the time I joined it. When I went to withdraw it they first told me that I would lose my funds if I didn’t wait until a specified date. When I returned on that date they advised me that I was now locking it for 3 months at a time. So, I was required to wait a couple more months before I was able to withdraw anything.

I wrote them directly before that deadline and I asked for specifics. The wording of their prompts made it sound as if I had to wait for 12/3/2021 or I would lose ALL of the money I had earned since April.

I returned on 12/3/2021 as instructed, I had never got a reply from them, and wouldn’t you know it. Now I am locked in for another 3 months. So, basically they are never giving you a way out. You either forfeit everything or leave it in their control. Well… The price dropped a ton so I just left it. Then I received an email on my birthday (1/11/2021). The email stated that they were locking everyone’s NU coins. They were not paying out interest for the 11-12 days of January that they had held the funds. That some update was being done and that it would be 2/23/2022 (or something close to that) at the earliest before the update would be done. They advised that I wouldn’t earn anything for February either, that they are changing the coins I purchased/earned into something I have no clue about. This may be the only thing they have ever properly advertised. Basically, they told me they aren’t paying me as advertised, they aren’t allowing me to have any control over what they sold me, and that they are going to do what they want to do.

I am able to buy the NU coins on at least 5 other platforms (That is where I stopped checking). So they certainly are not prohibited from transacting with the currency. It is pretty clear that they probably have a partnership or some other advantage that benefits them for doing this. With these “Staking” pools there are usually votes and things. I’d wager that they are using this to push their agenda and that after the coins increased LITERALLY 15 TIMES their value (at least as of when I purchased them), that they have sold them or something like that. They’d be able to pocket the profit and reinvest right now that everything is in the dumps. Either that or they are voting things that benefit them or something.

Anyway. I’ve also seen them doing the same thing with OXT (A token for a VPN called Orchid). Orchid has gave those to several platforms in exchange for having them teach users about their product. Once again CoinList refuses to let anyone touch the assets they “earned”. So, I am guessing they are cheating Orchid as well.

Who knows what else they’ve done to others. It is a scam. They need stopped.

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