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Totally found 4 incident reports. Displaying 1–4.

Totally found 4 incident reports. Displaying 1–4.

I was on my way for a family dinner when I saw this advertisement on one of the hoardings, saying ACM Gold can make you rich. Well, I kept that at the back of my mind and continued driving to dinner. While going back home as I took the same route I saw the hoarding again and this time decided to immediately go home and check it

  • Report #5YC78
  • Reporter ROLLIUMERA

I am a 27 year old college student, and I have always had keen interest in trading. I had been doing it from several companies and then found out about ACM gold so decided to trade with them too. ACM is one of the trading firms in Africa, I contacted their customer support and told them I was interested in making an account. I

  • Report #5YC79
  • Reporter MEPUMINIPT

I am in Ghana and I was looking for a reliable forex broker to trade within my country. I heard about ACM GOLD through a friend who has traded with them for some time. He was quite satisfied with their services (since he was making much money trading with them) and told me that it will be a good idea to join too. I don't know if

  • Report #5YCGD
  • Reporter MENTEATHIC

If you see the above company logo, please brace yourself for a forthcoming wave of fraud and charlatan. The South Africa-based Forex trading giant ACM Gold, who claims to be Africa’s best trading firm, is merely a planned and literate organization of thugs and thieves. Trust me, if you have everything at stake and attempted the

  • Report #5YCIA
  • Reporter FULLEBERIT
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Showing 1 – 4 of 4