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Add Media (Group) Ltd

Address  :Add House, Unit 8 Swift Court Scott Drive Cheshire, Greater Manchester, UK
Phone     :+44448450304444
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  • 3rd Feb, 2017
  • Web Services
$1000 Report Loss
In the shortest sentence possible, they are like a big rock who is flying around smashing windows and charging you for cleaning afterward. I had multiple issues since I signed up with them. I will mention some of them. Before this, please take a note especially if you are still riding with them. If you are still a member of Add People, I sincerely recommend that you check your backlinks! These jokers promised that they are going to build manual value backlinks and the truth is that they are using link farms which will lead to a significant downgrade of your website! I had an issue with this and I asked one of their staff members, a bitch named Helen to remove those links and she refused to do it. First, she asked me for an additional $300 for an expert "analysis". I told her that for an extra 300 hundred smackeroonies, my expectation is that I perform an analysis on her. A real expert one. Greedy cunt! It was absolutely ludicrous. They are constantly harming your website! Then, if you call them in order to check if there is an issue somewhere, they are asking for more money to correct their own mistakes and underperformance! Under no circumstances; never ever sign up with these crooks! All my advertisings were placed in the wrong spot and I ended up getting contacted by wrong people all the time.  It took them 4 days to respond and they again made a mistake because they put my private phone number and private address on my homepage! Plus, they charged me for this "service"! Unprofessional assholes! Other important info is that you NEVER GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS! They will charge you for some phantom repairs and refreshments from time to time and you'll end up short $100 per month. Not to mention what will happen when you decide to cease cooperation with them. This will follow up shortly. Just do your best to avoid them, because you don't deserve this poor performance and poor communication with a bunch of amateur clerks! Representing themselves in a corporate smile and the reality is that they are just a shady outfit! From top to bottom, scammers! I used their service for about 6 months with many ups and downs and my company was on page 40 in Google search before they suspended us. Google informed me that they have suspended my company's website because of possible spam. WTF! I was so furious when I got this info that I smashed my iPad into pieces! This was the last straw and I decided to cancel my final payment to Add People, and I asked for an immediate refund! I told them that I will terminate our cooperation and informed them that I will not renew my credit card. To my surprise, they continued to charge me 2 months after I told them about the termination of our agreement! Until this day, I still haven’t got any answers where it went wrong with Google. I think I know the reason, and it's not because of what I proposed to Helen. It's much simpler. They wanted me to pay them more. Well, fuck off motherfuckers! I have wasted enough time and money on your sorry asses. When they suck you in at the beginning, they will say anything to keep you with them for as long as possible. A lot of promises and sweet talk and in the end, it's all worthless.  A real disgusting scam. I just don't understand one thing – how come none of them is in jail? They scam people out of a sizeable amount of money and still they continue to operate all over, searching for some naive soul to rob blind. Fuckers advertise refund policy on their website, but until now, I still didn't get any reply to my demand. A great number of complaints are appearing day after day on Google, and that can mean only one thing. The days are numbered for these crooks! All of you unsatisfied customers, come out and SPEAK the truth. I urge you to do the same as I did. They want to play rough, well you got it Add People! I'll see your asses in the court! You have been warned!
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