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Address  :Arlington East, Texas, 760111, US
Website  :www.acop.com/
Phone     :+116478311196
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  • 30th Sep, 2017
  • Business
One of my friends was scammed a few years ago. I remember he held himself responsible for acting foolish and falling into trap. It was a terrible experience to watch him suffer. He got over it after couple of months. I also learnt one or two things at that time. I never thought that particular experience would help me to overcome a difficult phase in life. I got tricked by a scam company- American Consumer Opinion a few years later. I can only thank my friend for helping me to cope with situation in a far better way. I’d have been exposed if I’d never witnessed my friend going through a tough period. My name is Mark and friend I was referring to is John. U don’t receive a check in mail to shop, keep some money as part of services offered and glittering career. I didn’t believe it first. I checked everything and American Consumer Opinion was a credible brand in market. Dere was enough proof on table. It didn’t take me long to decide. I’d already transferred the money before the end of day. I received the mail on 9th January. I agreed to join them. They’d their money and I’ve got an exciting career. Destiny had other plans. I finally woke-up to life. The harsh reality was standing in front. I was scammed. The company ‘American Consumer Opinion’ wasn’t involved. Dere were some scammers using the brand identity to fool us. I was looking like badly beaten and bruised. The check was another lie. The phone number 1-647-831-1196 or fax 1-260-572-4373 is another part of trick I called the bank. I shared check details with them. To my surprise, they’re already aware of it. The executive, Linda, warned me not to use it. I was more worried. I could have been in a lot more trouble had I taken their word and used the unsolicited check. It was like I was a partner in crime. The check was thrown into bin. I came back home thinking how to chase the scam artists. There was no point in calling the customer service team as the company was never involved. I think they’re not even aware of such scams taking place. The only option I was left with is to expose them and take control of things. I found a way to utilize my energy in doing something constructive than burning fingers in it. U shouldn’t fall to these tricks. I wasn’t aware of things and made a costly mistake. I think u don’t have to make a similar mistake. All I’m concerned about is to see these scam companies running out of options and see them either fleeing or hiding somewhere. I’m doing everything to make them pay the price for playing with our lives, money and time. I’m going to do everything to bring the bastards to their knees. I want a chance to meet the morons behind it and engage in a physical fight with them.  
  • 30th Sep, 2017
  • Business
First of all, I have been approached by fake American Consumer Opinion by email and I haven't suffered any consequences, thanks to posts like this one. I am thankful for all the people that shared their story regarding this fraud. In the email offer that was allegedly sent by American Consumer Opinion, it was explained that I would be doing customer’s experience research. They would send me a check for $2320 which would cover my operating costs. I would be required to work 3-4 hours a day and a guaranteed salary would be between $2500-$3500. Well, all of that sounded a bit too farfetched! At least to me! I mean, that's a dream job and only a complete sucker would believe it's the real one without any other information. But these scammers did a good job with all the extra text they put into this letter like limitations and exclusion rules, terms and conditions, application form, etc... So I guess I can see why some people fell for their trap. The letter further stated what would be my responsibilities and what would that check be used for. I was supposed to deposit that check into my account, and use that money to buy various items from Staplers, Gap, Dollar store, etc... I was not to spend more than $250 on those items and that choice was mine since I would get to keep them. Then I was to write an elaborate review of the customer experience I had, shopping in those stores. What kind of an experience could I have in a Dollar store? And who would be interested in that? It was at this point I became suspicious that this is a fake offer and as such a scam. But then I got to the interesting part. I was to send $1800 to some other employee of theirs so that he could complete a task as well, write a review of customer experience review for the Western Union (which I had to use to send the money) and keep $270 as a compensation for my work. As soon as I read that, I went online and looked up if anyone had experience doing that. At that point, I realized that this whole thing was a scam. So for you folks out there that are reading this, you probably have already figured out that if you received the same email as I did, you shouldn't act on it because it’s all a scam designed to steal your money. If you haven't figured out how it works, I will explain it to you. The check you receive is probably stolen or it's a fake check. Most banks will realize it right away but some will make a mistake and discover it as a fake after they already process it. Either way, if you do manage to deposit that money into your account and the bank realizes it even up to a year later, you are liable for the full amount of the money and you are considered responsible for defrauding the bank. But by that time, you already have sent the bulk of that money to the scammers through the Western Union. So the fact is that these scammers have you do all the work for them and rob you of your money without lifting a finger. And when you actually get charged with fraud, you are the one whose name is all over the place, while they escape unscathed. Even if the check is real, there is a chance that the money is dirty actually. If the scammers have a large sum of money that they cannot account for with the IRS and cannot prove the origin of, they use this scam to launder it through you. And again you are left hanging. So my word of advice would be to report the address you received the email from to the authorities and inform your bank of it as well. They should be notified that someone tried to scam you as other clients might be in danger as well. Scams like this seem to sprout out often these days and all you can really do is to research them and stay alert to any fishy behavior. AND POST THEM IN BOARDS LIKE THIS ONE. That is the key to keeping them exposed and protecting other people as well as yourself. Stay smart!
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