Andy Rondeau

New York, NY, US

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Totally found 2 incident reports. Displaying 1–2.

  • 3 May, 2016

Is there place for physical violence in sports coaching? I think there’s no place for physical or verbal violence in any line of business. A college sports team is the last thing you would associate with violence. I was disturbed to hear about it. My uncle’s son, Marsh, plays football for Pace University. The news of Pace Univer

  • Report #5YC56
  • Reporter BERAPPYRRE
  • 7 Oct, 2017

Andy Rondeau was in headlines for all the wrong reasons. As a sports fan, I felt humiliated and embarrassed. I lost faith in everything I stood for all these years. I was worried for my brother’s safety and career both. My brother, Joshua, plays for Pace University. I, Shaun, felt good at the news of Andy being put on ‘Administr

  • Report #5YCDY
  • Reporter ATEVENIETE
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Showing 1 – 2 of 2