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Totally found 5 incident reports. Displaying 1–5.

Totally found 5 incident reports. Displaying 1–5.

  • 12 Nov, 2016
  • 2000 $ Reported Loss

  The most profitable and zero-investment business opportunities lie in scams and cheating.  This is one of disturbing facts of modern society. I know it’s hard to digest but con artists are making some serious shitty money without worrying about taxes. I became a victim of one such scam. You can call me Aaron and I’m talking a

  • Report #5YC6F
  • Reporter UDIRENOINE
  • 6 Oct, 2017
  • 15000 $ Reported Loss

This was my first and unfortunately bad stint with investments. I had been playing with the idea of investments in shares for impressive returns. After a quick consul with friends I got to know that I could be lazy and have a firm do all the investments for me. It was during July last year is when after looking out for a decent

  • Report #5YCE7
  • Reporter STRALABREN
  • 1 Oct, 2017
  • 165000 $ Reported Loss

  I am never gonna invest online. I think I am never gonna bank online either. These fraudsters have scarred me for life! My name is Cynthia and I am a dermatologist based out of California. I was looking out for an opportunity to expand my business and buy a new office in New York when I stumbled upon Astra Resources. For tho

  • Report #5YCIM
  • Reporter CADLERBYST
  • 1 Oct, 2017
  • 12000 $ Reported Loss

I am here to unmask a fraudulent company named Astra resources. This company has been buying mining assets from all over the world but the concern now is that they have been illegally and smartly tricking people into buying their shares. People like me have bought their shares on trust factor and on the seeming credibility of th

  • Report #5YCIP
  • Reporter ITIUMNERAF
  • 4 Oct, 2017

I believe in legal system to protect the rights of common people. I also expect bad people to exist and operate within the same society. An ideal social set-up is the one where anti-social elements fear the law and aware of consequences of wrong actions. When I got tricked and scammed by Astra Resources, I felt bad. It was a dev

  • Report #5YCIS
  • Reporter SHMALLSION
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Showing 1 – 5 of 5