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Totally found 5 incident reports. Displaying 1–5.

Totally found 5 incident reports. Displaying 1–5.

  • 19 Jun, 2018
  • 102 $ Reported Loss

My sister-in-law recently passed away. I got on the web site looking for a florist shop to send flowers. Avas Flowers website came up and I thought I was ordering locally because the city popped up. I ordered a dish garden with fresh flowers and a regular size sympathy card for $102.90. I was supposed to receive a confirmation

  • Report #5YCYR
  • Reporter ISHEALLINT
  • 15 Jun, 2018
  • 67 $ Reported Loss

I ordered flowers to be delivered on 3/11/16. I paid extra for the delivery to be in the morning. They were NEVER delivered. Although, I did get a text that they WERE delivered. When I called to find out why they weren’t delivered , I was told that they couldn’t get into the gated community. NOT TRUE. My friend notified the gua

  • Report #5YCYT
  • Reporter ISHEALLINT
  • 16 Jun, 2018
  • 82 $ Reported Loss

I placed a order for a medium arrangement of roses in pink and red with other flowers for my mother’s birthday. The girl I spoke to on the phone asked if I wanted to upgrade and I did to the medium bouquet. I asked if it could be delivered by 1p.m. she said no problem. The total cost of the arrangement was $82, I called my moth

  • Report #5YCYU
  • Reporter ISHEALLINT
  • 14 May, 2018
  • 177 $ Reported Loss

on March  I called Avas Flowers to place an order. I called around 9:30 AM and specifically asked the first question of “Is this a local florist in Madison Indiana? The man said yes. I told him I wanted to deal only with a local florist in Madison because the funeral was at 1pm and I needed to make sure the flowers could be deli

  • Report #5YCYW
  • Reporter ISHEALLINT
  • 9 Jul, 2018
  • 93 $ Reported Loss

Flowers were tbd before 4:00 on 3/10 but did not arrive until 4:00 on 3/11, 2 hours before the funeral was over and they were of poor quality. Looks like they might have been poorly handled or left in a truck over time. Tried to call them on 3/11 and were put on hold, then a recording came on for a “call back option” and the ea

  • Report #5YCYY
  • Reporter ISHEALLINT
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Showing 1 – 5 of 5