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Totally found 6 incident reports. Displaying 1–6.

Totally found 6 incident reports. Displaying 1–6.

I worked for the trading firm called Blackwall Capital Market Group. They highly advertised themselves and convinced people to earn thousands in a month. Everybody is hungry for money, so basically anyone can easily get attracted by them. I got myself a desk job here, for trading commissions. They told me I didn’t have to pay t

  • Report #5YC47
  • Reporter HOOLYSTORM

I was on the lookout for a job as a stock broker. I ended up getting into the New York City office of Blackwall Capital Markets to check if I could work with them. They offered me to work as an associate broker and said that I would be paid (commission) on the basis of business I get for this firm. I started working like a freel

  • Report #5YCBT
  • Reporter EANTIONDON
  • 26 Jan, 2017
  • 9500 $ Reported Loss

I was called on 1st November 2015 in this firm to be hired as one of the brokers. I was lured into this position by the attractive offerings like no desk fees or payback for 90 days. I was a new broker and it was quite an important opportunity for me to get in a brokerage firm. The only thing I did not know was that this firm is

  • Report #5YCJR
  • Reporter RAELASTION

I am relatively a newbie in the broker firms and I was looking to start as a fresher when I heard from Blackwall Capital Markets Group. They called me up to join the firm with the initial 90 days as the training period and then I continue like regular. I was very firmly assured by Mr. Goode that I needn’t pay any desk fees or pa

  • Report #5YCJT
  • Reporter YTOILIPYOF

I am one of the brokers who is interesting in trading in the markets. On 14th June’15, I called up Blackwall Capital - 212.776.4187 and spoke to one of their brokers, I told him I was interested in investing, I didn’t wait for him to convince me. We got to talking and with time I realized the harshness in his tone increased. I

  • Report #5YCJW
  • Reporter MATHETYGDO

I am here to tell about my worst experience with the stock market where I ended up burning my fingers. More than my foolishness, I would like to blame Blackwall Capital Markets for this. Blackwall Capital Markets (formerly Grandview Capital) is a brokerage firm in the U.S and licensed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authori

  • Report #5YCJY
  • Reporter UELLSTENTI
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Showing 1 – 6 of 6